Shelf Brackets

At Cascade Manufacturing, we offer a variety of metal shelf brackets. Place a bracket approximately every 15-16 inches of shelf length. A bracket that is one to two inches shorter than the shelf plank is sufficient.


Create Extra Storage with Shelf Brackets

If you have a lot of belongings that you need to find storage for, there are alternatives to buying space-consuming cabinets. You can make use of your walls for storage solutions with the help of strategically placed shelf brackets.Open shelving adds function and style to any room. 

The best place for stainless steel brackets is the bathroom and kitchen where it’s important to keep surfaces clean and hygienic. It is hard to argue with the properties of stainless steel. It is strong, can withstand high temperatures and is non porous making it safe for food preparation. Place open shelves supported with stainless steel brackets beside your cupboards so that you can have a place where you can store your most used utensils, plates, and bowls or replace your upper cupboards entirely and create an open airy kitchen space. In the bathroom, install a couple of stainless steel brackets above the bathroom sink so you will have additional space for your linens and toiletries.