Picture Ledge

Our elegant extra deep picture Ledge Shelf for walls is a great way to display your family photos, collectibles, spices, makeup or books. The front lip helps keep your picture frames secure. Concealed wall mounting hardware easily attaches to the wall making your shelf appear to float


Wall mounted ledge shelves add function and style to any room. Mounting a DIY picture ledge on a wall gives the appearance that the shelf is floating with no obvious support brackets beneath it. Hanging wall shelves are particularly popular in modern homes, where the clean lines meld perfectly with the style.

In your living room or bedroom, create an accent wall by install several floating ledges on a wall to display pictures or photos collections. A great place for stainless steel wall ledges is the bathroom and kitchen where it’s important to keep surfaces clean and hygienic. Unlike a porous stone or wood surface, stainless steel resists absorption of stains and odors. Declutter your kitchen and create extra storage space by installing an extra wide range shelf over your stove to hold spices and seasoning. In the bathroom, install a couple of  stainless steel shelf ledges on an wall so you will have additional space for your nail polish, perfumes and toiletries.