• I wanted to reach out & tell you how much I enjoyed the popper rack that I purchased. My poppers were a huge hit at my Memorial Day bash. I look forward to using my rack regularly.

    - Hugh Weaver
  • In the last couple of years I purchased two Cascade plant caddies. When I needed a third I ended up buying a cheaper caddy, which worked fine until a storm hit. The wind toppled both the flimsy plant caddy & the fig tree on it. A prized clay pot was broken and the tree was damaged. I learned my lesson & ordered my third plant caddy from Cascade.

    - Dagmar Moore
  • Awesome product. Well constructed and fast shipping. Made in USA!

    - Lauren Mitchell
  • This is the 4th time I have placed an order for the Apex stainless steel brackets. They are gorgeous! I cannot be more pleased with this product!

    silver Apex bracket - Carol Ann Gellerman
A photo of the three owners of Cascade Manufacturing. On the right is a gentleman in his late 50s. In the middle is his wife, a woman in her early 50s. And on her right, is her brother, a man in his early 40s. They are Iranian.

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