Bending the Gift Giving Rules For Fathers' Day

Bending the Gift Giving Rules For Fathers' Day

Join us for a twisty turn on Father's Day gifts! This year at Cascade Manufacturing, we're bending the rules of gift-giving with the latest addition to our machinery – a state-of-the-art CNC programmable tube bending machine, the BLM Eect80We can’t stop raving about all the exciting things that our tube bender can do, and we figured what a better way to share this excitement than by giving you some of our best ideas for amazing and undoubtedly “unique” gifts that will make for a memorable Father’s Day! Whether your dad is a calisthenics enthusiast, a garden guru, or simply in need of a custom piece of art, we’ve got the tech to craft a gift that’s bound to raise eyebrows and crack smiles. We’d love to get your thoughts for what you’d like us to build with this tube bender! 


What Is Tube Bending?  

Tube bending is a metal forming process that allows us to precisely curve and shape metal tubes without buckling or wrinkling the material. With our new machine, we can handle a variety of metals and execute complex bends with incredible accuracy. This means smoother curves, cleaner lines, and more creative possibilities for custom designs! Alright so here we go with our Father’s Day gift suggestions, what else should we add to our list? 


Custom Calisthenics Bars to Keep Dad in Shape 

Why just give Dad a tie when you can give him a whole outdoor gym? Help Dad turn the backyard into his personal fitness haven with custom-made bars for pull-ups and dips, tailored precisely to his height and fitness fantasies, all made from smoothly bent tubes. 

Man exercising on calisthenics equipment made from bent tubes in a park

Credit: Photograph: Linda Nylind for the Guardian 


A Creative Fireplace to Have a Family Picnic? 

Imagine enjoying a family picnic around a custom-designed, rocket-shaped metal fireplace. Perfect for those chilly evenings and for blasting off some wild stories about Dad’s “good old days.” 

Creative modern fireplace made with bent tubes


Safety First for Boating Enthusiasts 

Planning a fishing trip with Dad? We can craft custom safety railings for the boat, ensuring a great catch without any slips! 

Boat railings made from bent metal tubes

Credit: Igor Savelev 


Custom Carport to Watch Over Dad’s Car 

Your father has a car but no car port, and he’s getting annoyed with all the leaves, pine needle, and pollen piling on his car, boat, or even his favorite spacecraft! 

Carport in Chicago made using metal bent tubes.

Source: Chicago Park District  


And if you don’t have a father in your life, don’t fret 

If you’ve made it this far and you don’t have a father figure in your life for any reason, that’s no problem, we got your back. We can help you design your very own father-figure sculpture just the way you want! As Nietzsche puts it: “Whoever does not have a good father should create one.” 

Minimalist sculpture of a father figure made from bent metal tubes


Inspired by these ideas? This Father’s Day let’s create something unforgettable. Visit us at Cascade Manufacturing or contact us directly to start crafting your custom gift (or really any other projects!) From practical to purely fun, our new tube bending machine opens a world of possibilities! 

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