Custom Products

We can design your product, create prototypes for testing, and accommodate both small and large product runs. We offer contract manufacturing and precision fabricating using a wide range of materials including hot and cold rolled steel, stainless steel and aluminum.

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Shop floor Cascade Manufactuirng


Our engineers thrive on challenging projects and have the desire to provide innovative solutions for your applications.

Our laser cutting, router, and turret punching machines allow us to cut parts up to 30' long and 1" thick mild steel

Our punching equipment allows us to punch and emboss parts up to 72" long and 1/4" thick

We have a wide variety of press brakes. Depending on the material and thickness, our maximum bend length is 12’.

We have extensive MIG, TIG and spot welding capabilities

We offers a wide range of metal finishing services that can be customized for your project’s unique requirement

Our Insertion System gives us the capability to attach pems, studs, and fasteners.