"Entry Gates" - Your Properties Face to the World

"Entry Gates" - Your Properties Face to the World

As we enter a residence or business, our first impressions are all we have to go on. The Entry design of a property is probably the most critical element in setting a tone for the property at large.

The Gate is the centerpiece of the Entryway and the property's signature. When considering design elements, it's not just about the architecture of the building and grounds but also the surrounding environment, including the neighborhood, landscape, and the vistas leading to the property's entrance. For example, if the Entry happens to be located on a steep hill, a design that highlights the movement of the slope and softens the transition to the flatter grounds inside will fit nicely—an arch or double "S" curve, for example.


Short Gate


The Gate should not only echo the architecture of the house and yard but be its summation. This Gate is the headline for the story of the property. A modern Home with clean, bold lines is well suited to a similar structure in the Gate. Keep the design elements elegantly simple yet impeccably scaled. The structure itself should exude simplicity while displaying a deliberate intention in the placement of every component.

 A mix of styles, such as a modern house with a whimsical landscape, might ask for the gate to hold its own as a centerpiece unto itself. Artistic elements in the gate might be the answer. These elements can express the house's formal style and the yard's playful quality while letting the Gate stand as its own Centerpiece of sculpture. The Gate can bring a sense of place and time to a property; for example, traditional wrought iron with the right attitude can transform the Entry of a modest home into an inviting escape to an Italian villa! Here is a sample of CascadeManufacturing.com  gate.



Whether you are thinking of an extensive makeover, a new build, or a simple add-on, your front gate should be one of the first and last design options to consider. It is your most potent tool for setting an enchanting tone for your property or design endeavor.

We at CascadeManufacturing.com take pride in fabricating our gates here in the great Pacific Northwest and will be happy to help you with your projects. Please follow the link here for more information. 

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