Benefits Of Customized Floating Steel Shelves Over Wooden Shelves

Benefits Of Customized Floating Steel Shelves Over Wooden Shelves

The industrial age has blessed civilization with several scientific breakthroughs and opened a treasure trove of wonderful materials. While we have yet to observe a vibranium suit in action, steel has been a popular choice for several essentials, from large planes to tiny smartphone camera cases.

However, its strength has also been used for load-bearing applications. The house you live in has reinforced cement concrete (RCC). The ability to cut it into almost any physical shape allows for some alluring aesthetics. That's why houses built by the best designers often feature customized floating steel shelves that let you store a variety of paraphernalia.

But can they genuinely beat the rustic look you get from wooden shelves? Well, you need to wonder about it no longer, as this guide will help you find out!


What Are Floating Steel Shelves?

Contrary to what most people believe, floating steel shelves vastly differ from your regular domestic shelves. If you like a minimalist design, then floating steel shelves can fit right in your home. Such shelves consist of a single wide beam placed seamlessly within the wall. There are no sharp edges or exposed braces, offering a clean finish and preventing damage when placing or removing items.

You can install floating steel shelves yourself, as you only need to install the supporting brackets within the wall. If you're uncomfortable around the drill, you can hire a professional who can perform the job quickly for a reasonable charge.


Can You Customize Floating Steel Shelves?

The plain yet elegant design allows for a wide range of customization options for floating steel shelves. If you contact a dedicated metal fabrication service, they can help you get the perfect design, color, and size that fits your requirements.


Benefits Over Wooden Shelves

Now that you know what customized floating steel shelves are, you can compare them with conventional wooden frames to decide which one suits your abode.


Increased Lifespan

The problem with wood is that it is bound to wear out physically unless you keep it highly insulated. It can occur through invasive elements like moisture and pests or an excessive load. Floating steel shelves are much better in terms of lifespan. It can last you decades without giving out. An average meter-long stainless steel floating frame with appropriate coating can last you well over 20 years.


Improved Finish

It is challenging to finish a wood shelf with precise specifications, as the wood can easily chip or morph even as you try to keep it squeaky clean. An advantage of steel is that you can finish it with just about any grain and shade. Some manufacturers can even apply a protective layer of nickel to zinc to reduce the oxidation rate and make the shelves last even longer.


Easier to Maintain

Wood requires you to keep an eye out for potential damage constantly. In some cases, like when the termites are eating it from inside, that can be hard to spot until it's too late. Nothing like that happens with stainless steel floating shelves. You can clean them once a month and still get decades of use.

Even if the shelves bend, their malleable nature makes it convenient to take them to a fabrication shop and repair it just like new. Applying the correct polish layer can drastically reduce water damage. You need not worry about any pest infestations, either.


Better Load Capacity

Wooden variants are often a bad bet if you place heavy loads on wall-mounted shelves, such as books and luggage. They don't have a predictable creep like metals, making them snap at the worst possible moment. Nothing like that happens with sheet metal, which shows clear signs before giving in.

Moreover, floating steel shelves have a higher load capacity compared to similarly thick wooden alternatives. A 3' frame firmly supported by wall-mounted brackets can support up to 100 pounds.


Efficient Space Utilization

Wooden shelves are often used as part of cabinets or other fixed structures to maximize their lifespan. But that also requires you to accommodate that structure around the room. In the case of floating steel shelves, you can place them attached to the walls, leaving the floor space for other storage needs. It is also easier to separate the shelves if you want to adjust the place's ambiance.


Final Thoughts

With customized floating steel shelves, you get immense utility and the control you desire over the aesthetics of any space. We hope this piece grants you new insights and can help you choose the best service for your home. If you wish for the best services that deliver high-quality workpieces straight to your home, feel free to contact us or observe our collection online.

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