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Best E-Bike Accessories For A Long Ride

So, you got yourself your first e-bike. Maybe you bought it from a trustworthy manufacturer, or perhaps you put it together yourself. Either way, you might be tempted to test its limits by planning. However, you can run into a few inconveniences and require a few quality-of-life improvements to handle them effectively.

In that spirit, here are the best e-bike accessories for a long ride and why you may require an excellent manufacturer for them.

Challenges For a Long E-bike Ride

Unlike cars or even gas-driven bikes, an e-bike has several inherent disadvantages that make you think twice before taking it past the city limits. A few major hurdles include the following.

Limited Range

E-bikes are severely limited in their driving range, regardless of your variant. Most can even make it past 100 miles before needing a recharge. While gas-powered vehicles need a minute-long refill, e-bikes need a recharging halt that can last for several hours, depending on the charging level and the type of battery.

Less Storage Space

Most e-bikes are designed to be as light as possible to compensate for the heavy batteries and offer appreciable maneuverability. However, that also limits the storage space available for any additional luggage the rider may have. Therefore, you require accessories to overcome this drawback.

Increased Hazards

Collision with other vehicles or simply overcharging your e-bike can cause an electrical fire. It can spread really fast, and you can't deal with it using the regular water supply. The water can help it spread by conducting electricity or breaking it down into hydrogen, a highly flammable gas.

E-bike Accessories For a Long Ride

Now that you're aware of the limitations of an e-bike, it's time to explore the accessories that can assist you in adequately managing them.

Bottle Holder Mounting Bracket

Carrying enough water is essential when out for a long e-bike ride, especially during the summer months. Getting dehydrated in the midst of a trip can slow down your reaction time and make you lose control, increasing the risk of an accident.

A way you can stock more water on your e-bike is by installing a bottle holder mounting bracket made from durable steel. It can hold a decent-sized water bottle through the toughest of terrains without adding to the bike's weight.

Skid Plate

Since collisions are a grave concern for electric vehicles, securing the primary drivetrain components is necessary. An excellent way to do it is by using skid plates. Those are highly durable and lightweight metal covers that withstand rocks and gravel's high-speed impacts.

Depending on your e-bike design, you can even equip multiple skid plates to secure several components at once. If it has numerous points of drivetrain exposed, it is best to utilize custom fabrication services that can deliver a professional job for reasonable prices.


If you plan to leave your e-bike for recharging, you might want to indulge in other activities as it retains its juice. Thus, it is best to secure any valuables with sturdy locks resistant to breakage and destructive equipment. You should go for a cable or D-lock, as chain locks can easily be compromised with a pair of pliers.

Additionally, it is best to have a key with backup tools like a screwdriver or bottle opener. That way, you always have a tool you need handy and don't need to store them separately in your backpack.

Portable Charger


When out for a long ride, you might not always have access to the power grid to recharge your e-bike. Thus, investing in a portable charger can offer a decent range so you don't get stranded in the middle of nowhere. Unlike mobile power banks, portable e-bike chargers are highly specific. As such, you may need to examine your e-bike specs before purchasing one. 

Bag Adapter

Carrying heavy luggage on your back can be exhaustive and cause medical issues in the long run. It helps to use a bag adapter for your e-bike that can take the load off when you need it most. It can also reduce the load on the straps, making your backpack last longer than if you carried it on your back.

Bike Cover

When parking your e-bike, it is exposed to numerous harmful elements that can leave it dirty or affect its performance. It is often best to carry a bike cover to prevent that from happening. Experts often advise not to use regular sheets as they can soak in moisture, increasing the risk of fires from the e-bike.

Tire Inflator

Any biking enthusiast should always carry a tire inflator to make any emergency repairs as they hit the road. Bike tires are more vulnerable, so you never know when you might need to inflate them again. Many experienced bikers also carry a puncture repair kit along with them.


You deserve to enjoy long cruises on your e-bike.  Adding a few accessories will increase your enjoyment of your e-bike.

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