Floating Shelves

At Cascade Manufacturing, we offer a variety of floating shelves supports. Want the best stainless steel floating shelves for your home? Need custom dimensions to fit a room? Take a look at some of our products below.

Select our standard design with an overlapping seam seen only from the bottom or upgrade to a fully welded seamless design for the look of a solid block of stainless steel.


Many Uses for Stainless Steel Floating Shelves

Wall mounted floating shelves add function and style to any room. Mounting a DIY floating shelf on a wall gives the appearance that the shelf is floating with no obvious support brackets beneath it. Combining several small floating shelves can give the appearance of a wall of bookshelves with no support structure. Hanging wall shelves are particularly popular in modern homes, where the clean lines meld perfectly with the style. Adding a floating shelf can be a great accent piece to any room.

Use heavy duty floating shelves as a fireplace mantle in a living room, or workstation in a home office. If you have no room for a desk, add a narrow stainless steel floating shelf to a wall as a workstation. Declutter the space by adding additional shelves for books and small belongings.

The best place for stainless steel floating shelves is the bathroom and kitchen where it’s important to keep surfaces clean and hygienic. Unlike a porous stone or wood surface, stainless steel resists absorption of stains and odors. Place floating shelves beside your cupboards so that you can have a place where you can store your most used utensils, plates, and bowls or replace your upper cupboards entirely and create an open airy kitchen space. In the bathroom, install a couple of floating stainless steel shelves above the bathroom sink so you will have additional space for your linens and toiletries.