Rad Mini Skid Plate


Our customize Rad Mini Skid plate cover is made from 14 Ga, Black powder coated steel. This plate serves as a  cover to important electronic wires running under the bike like rocks, sticks, and debris  that could potentially hit and damage vulnerable electronic components.

Our Rad Mini Skid Plate is compatible with the Rad Mini Bike and not other models or the Step Thru version.

Dimension: 10"L X 3.25" W x 11"H

Weight: 1 lbs.

Colors: Black.

Installation Instruction:

For easy installation please have the bike on its handle and seat in an upside down position.  (be careful not damaging the screen)

Insert the zip tie in the end that has the two holes. Do not lock it yet. Have it be open, but tight to the skid plate. ( Refer to the website photo with zip tie)

Then with the skid place facing you run it through the middle hook that is under your bike with the wires.

As you are running in through and passes. Continue to rotate the skid plate.

You then have to match up the slotted hole, with the hole that is on the back tubing. (if you have a fender, the fender needs to be removed first. Skid plate goes in then fender on top of that)
if you have a fender, use the screw that is provided with the fender. If you have the older models with no fender, use the M5 screw that was provided with the Skid plate.

After that wrap the zip tie around the controller. Close it and make it as tight as you can or as tight as you like. Cut off the extra.


You can also refer to the cascade page to see how the skid plate sits on the bike.



Ask a Question
  • Will there be a zip tie provided with a purchase? What about the screw?

       Each item comes with 1 12" long black zip tie and 1 M5 screw

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