2020 Home Design Trends

February 17, 2020

2020 Home Design Trends

Thinking about making some design changes in your home? Every year brings new trends to the market. They don’t change seasonally, like clothing, but interior design styles are always changing.

For the year ahead, we’ve identified some of the freshest looks and details that will be showing up in stores and magazines. Get ready to bring your home style into a whole new decade!

The Color of the Year

Pantone Color Institute selects a Color of the Year annually. Based on their predictions and analysis of also sorts of influences, every year’s color will set the stage for all sorts of new products.

For 2020, the color is Classic Blue. It’s the shade of the sky before sunset, a darker tone that is cool, peaceful, and versatile. It also looks great with last year’s color: Living Coral.

Expect to see this blue popping up in everything from dinnerware to couches. If you’ve always loved a good denim blue, get ahead of the trend now and bring the front and center of your favorite piece.

Natural Touches

Adding natural elements to architecture and home interiors will become an even stronger influence this year. Many designers moving away entirely from wall-to-wall carpeting and utilizing only wood floors or textured ceramic tiles for floors. Kitchens are adding more rustic touches and using less overtly shiny surfaces.

A great way to get some of this look in your own kitchen is by adding natural wood open shelving. No matter what size is required, you can install it easily using our shelf brackets. We have designs and textures that look great with any style of kitchen, matching your fixtures or playing up your countertops.

Green Spaces

In case you haven’t noticed, the houseplant trend is real! We love our green gems in our living spaces, and there’s never been such a wide selection of plant types and containers available.

Even the most inhospitable rooms can host a plant. It’s all a matter of finding the right one for your circumstances. If you’re feeling cautious about adding plants to your home, start with some of the known tough guys. The various types of Sanseveria are capable of withstanding low light, erratic watering schedules, and marauding pets. They’re even easy to root in water.
You might also want to enjoy the fun of starting plants from cuttings as a hobby. It’s amazing what kinds of plants are happy to start growing new roots from the smallest pieces. All you need are some attractive glass jars or small pots with prepared seed-starting mix inside. Try out your skill with avocado pits, carrot tops, succulent cuttings, and even wheatgrass for your cat. It’s fun to share your plants with friends, too!

Many herbs can also work well inside on a sunny shelf. Try your hand with some of the easier ones this winter. Basil, mint, and even lavender can provide quick aromatherapy and fresh flavors right over your sink. Stainless steel shelves are fantastic for any type of potted plants, as they’re waterproof, look great, and are easy to wipe down if there’s a small spill of potting soil.

Double it Up in the Kitchen

A surprising new trend to watch for is double kitchen islands. Sounds a little strange, doesn’t it? Well, this is just a change that reflects modern lifestyles and efficient use of space.

With so many homes using a kitchen island for quick meals, hanging out, and other non-food prep activities, cooks were losing counter space. Adding a second island solves the problem, while still keeping all that valuable under-counter storage space available. Pretty smart!

If you’re looking at a kitchen remodel in the near future, consider this idea. For homes that never use the dining table in their open space kitchen layout, an extra island could be a highly efficient way to use that floor space. The second island can add hefty amounts of deep storage space for your larger cooking items, and your valuable wall space is preserved for more attractive display space - maybe with some new art pieces on a picture ledge?

We think that the new 2020 design trends sound soothing, attractive, and are great ideas for the way modern life unfolds. What will be your first one to try?

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