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Back to School Organizing Tips

August is a great month to start thinking about organization ideas for your kids’ rooms. As the lazy days of summer come to an end, it’s time to prepare for the inevitable return to school and the chaos that follows.

This year, head back to school stress-free with kids’ bedrooms devoid of clutter and dedicated places for all the school items. If you are preparing to organize bedrooms for back to school, we have some ideas to get you started.


Organization Tips for Back to School Success

Ready to get your kids’ room organized and ready for school? Here are some back to school organizing ideas that will help you start the school year out on the right foot.

Bedroom Closet

Has your kids’ closet become the black pit in which all things are tossed? You may have decided to close the door on this nightmare, but don’t give up. Transform this space into something new. A tidy, streamlined closet will help encourage kids to keep the space organized, which in turn will reduce stress during back to school.

Start by completely emptying the closet, so you get down to the bare bones. Do an inventory and donate or dispose of what doesn’t work anymore before you choose your closet system.

Then, figure out everything you'd like to fit into your closet. Does your student need more organized storage, a place to hang their new back to school clothing, or a quiet space to study?

The space needs to have functional storage that’s easy-to-use. Make sure there’s a specific place for everything. Having designated storage for t-shirts, shoes, hats, games, books, and school supplies ensures that everything will be put back where it goes once your child is finished using it.

Create accessibility and avoid drawers that hide clothing. Instead, segment the closet with several tiers of hanging rods and shelves. Place pants on upper rods and shirts on lower rods. Use shelves for t-shirts, sweaters, shoes and purses.

If your child is currently occupying a small bedroom, then you know that having their own desk space can seem like a luxury. We can all agree that treating the kitchen table like an office isn’t that appealing. Whether you’re looking for the perfect space to DIY all their projects or they need a quiet space to write, integrating a desk space into their closet may be a solution.

There’s no need for a big, hulkin’ desk if you’re short on space. Keep homework and study areas simple. Install a stainless steel floating shelf inside the closet wide enough for a laptop – kids only really need a place to sit and place paper, pens, and pencils. Stainless will allow for easy cleanup and give a high-tech look for mature teens.

Consider removing the doors. Perhaps you’ve got sliding doors on rickety tracks or you don’t have the room for regular hinged doors to swing open. Taking the doors off helps make the room seem bigger and offers additional design options. It also makes it easier to access the closet desk and can encourage kids to keep the space clean since it is not hidden. Put a file cabinet and some pretty boxes in the closet to give them easy access to organization.

Think about technology. You may need to incorporate an electrical outlet into your teens closet system. Even if he or she doesn’t have an iPad or laptop needing a plugin, the chances are they will need a light for reading. A designated tech station for charging various devices can be a useful tool.

Bedroom Wall

Maybe all your kids really need to get organized for back to school is a space to put their papers and books. With all that vertical height, walls are the perfect place for shelves, and shelves are a great way to keep things up and off the floor and other surfaces.

Make use of unused wall space around the ceiling or over a window to install space-saving bookshelves. Just make sure you have enough shelf support; you don’t want sagging shelves threatening to collapse under the weight of textbooks. While aesthetics are important, function and your kids’ safety are more important. Stainless steel shelf brackets are lightweight, look great and can support a tremendous amount of weight.

Instead of a separate bookcase, you can install four or five levels of floating shelves on one wall or above the bed to organize collections. The great thing about floating shelves is that you do not have to install them perfectly aligned with each other – you can install them in a staggered pattern to give the room more visual appeal.

Add bins or baskets. Storage containers come in a variety of sizes and materials where your kids can store just about anything they have, such as electronic devices, jewelry, and other knickknacks.

Get out the brushes and add a new coat of paint. Paint will not only freshen the space, but it gives your teens an opportunity to contribute to the design. Let them go crazy with color!

If you’ve got a creative teen who loves graffiti, painting the walls (or even just the closet) with an original creation creates an awesome space they can be proud of without breaking the bank. If it turns out they (or you) don’t like the color, it’s a small space to repaint. You might even consider painting a chalkboard wall in the closet office. Your kids will never lose their back to school to-do list if it’s written on the walls!

Under the Bed

Don’t forget the storage options that lie below! You can store a lot under beds in boxes and containers or look for furniture with hidden storage compartments. It is fantastic to have cubbies and drawers under beds for storing and organizing kids’ items!

When using containers, look for ones with lids to protect the contents from dust. Clear containers make it easy to see what is inside while concealed under a bed skirt. If you want even more storage space, elevate your bed several inches off the floor with risers.

Other Rooms

Any room that you and your kids waste time in looking for items: laundry room, mudroom, basement…needs to get organized for back to school! From your entryway to the bedroom, your kids can leave a trail of everyday school items as they arrive home.

Start by having a place to hang coats, hats, and backpacks. Having everything in one spot, such as a mudroom, eliminates hunting for them when things are rushed in the morning. Try to get your kids in the habit of placing their belongings there at night so their morning routine (and yours) is less stressful.


Happy Organizing!

We’d love to hear your back to school ideas for organizing bedrooms. Please leave them in the comments below or visit us on Facebook and share your tricks for back-to-school organization.

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