Add monogram family name sign to front door for added curb appeal

Create Curb Appeal by Updating Your Homes Front Entrance

There might still be some snow on the ground in your part of the country, but it’s not too early to think ahead to some ideas on how to refresh your front entry. It’s the perfect spot for welcoming the new seasons, celebrating with holiday decor, and greeting guests. Add a little personality to your home with some of our decorating ideas - here’s how to get started.

Start with a Little Early Spring Cleaning

Time to be brave and see how things are holding up after the winter season! Even if you’re not in an area that gets snow, home exteriors don’t get as much attention during the shorter days. Look at your planters and pots, check for anything that’s peeling or faded, and snap a couple of photos on your phone while you stand at the curb. The goal here is to get a fresh perspective on what needs a bit of extra attention. It’s amazing what you’ll notice when you study a photo, versus just looking at it in person.

Now, give everything a good shake-down - get those leaves out of the corners, knock down the cobwebs, and give yourself a literal clean slate to work with!

Enhance Your Focal Point

This is often the front door, but what if it’s not directly visible from the street? Take a look at the photo you’ve taken. Where does the eye fall first? The porch? The landscaping? The door? This is where you’ll want to add some visual interest.

If your front door is still a plain white or neutral shade, consider adding some color. It’s not necessary to go with anything over-the-top - even darker hues will add some richness to the overall look. Consider something in a deep blue-gray, navy, or dark teal that will complement the colors of any flowers or plants around your home.

Personalizing your front door is always appealing. Adding a monogram family name sign will help identify your home and looks great, no matter what time of year. Check out our selection for ideas - we can customize your choice in a variety of finishes.

Think About Evening Arrivals

How welcoming is your front entry after dark? Does your porch light keep the doorway bright, or does it look a little dreary as you approach? Sometimes we forget how our front doors look after the sun goes down - it’s common to enter through another entrance, such as off the garage.

This is a good time to upgrade your lighting and consider adding more. The right landscape and pathway lighting can completely transform the look of your home exterior - and provide safety and security for anyone arriving at night. Low voltage lighting systems and solar lights are easy to install and come in styles to fit any look - from minimalist and low-profile to more substantial looks.

Your guests will feel welcome, and you’ll feel much more prepared for your next nighttime gathering. Lighting can really take the curb appeal of your home to the next level.

Spruce Up Any Flower Beds

By the time Spring rolls around, your flower beds and planters can look a little beaten down. Mulch packs into the ground and disappears, edging gets moved out of place, seasonal plantings are long gone. Fortunately, this is one of the easiest spots to tackle when transforming your front entry.

If you’ve never used any evergreen plants around the front door, give them a try. They stand firm against the drab days of winter, and keep your house from looking so forlorn. They also provide the framework for any seasonal plants you’ll be using. Use them to provide strong accent points in your flower beds.

Once you’ve anchored your look with some evergreens, get ahead of the seasonal rush and add mulch to your flower beds. This is one simple addition that gives immediate results. Your beds will look clean and neat, and any plants you put in will appreciate the benefits a thick layer of mulch provides. Give your edging a quick tidying up, and you’re ready for spring planting.

Last, don’t forget your planters. If you already have some large pots, give them a fresh coat of paint, top them off with your new mulch, and treat them to some new plant caddies to make them easy to move and work with. If it’s time to replace them, go as big as you’re able. They’re one of those exterior decorating items that is often overlooked, and they can make a huge difference in your front entry’s appearance.

Welcome spring and your guests with some front entry updates, and you’re likely to find that you’re enjoying your own arrival home even more. Check out our garden art section for even more ideas on how to spruce up your home exterior!

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