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Decorating Your Home with Metal Art

Decorating Your Home with Metal Art

Adding metal art to your home is incredibly popular right now, ranging from metal shelving to sinks, cabinet inserts, and wall art. Metal accents or artwork melds seamlessly with all decorating styles from contemporary to rustic and is available in a wide range of finish possibilities.

At one time, fashion “rules” were against mixing different metals, instead of keeping a common finish or type of metal consistent throughout your decor. Which meant you chose brass, copper, chrome, silver, or gold and carried it throughout the home. Now the trend is to break this antiquated design standard and mix and match finishes. So go ahead and incorporate more than one type of metal in a room, as long as you enjoy it.

Laser cutting of metal art has opened up the possibility of creating intricate, precisely cut designs. This technology allows fabricators to design and manufacture just about anything that comes to their imagination, or the imagination of their customers. The ability to create this stunning wall art has helped pushed the incorporation of metal in home decor.

Interested in adding some metal art to your home, but not sure exactly how to go about it? Coming up with decorating schemes can be a challenge at times, so here are some fun ideas you can use to get your creativity flowing. 

  • Sports themed bedroom -- Perfect for the little boy or girl - or not so little boy or girl - who adores baseball or softball or the high school athlete who lives and breathes their sport!  This metal baseball/softball wall art comes in stainless steel or powder-coated black to fit in with a variety of bedroom color schemes. Pair it with bedding and curtains in the colors of their favorite professional team, a fun baseball-themed lampshade, and a vinyl wall decal of their favorite sports quote. You could even create a scoreboard to use as a headboard for their bed or a custom made nightstand using baseball bats for legs.

  • Equestrian themed bedroom -- Your equine lover will adore having a bedroom decorated in horses. Wall paint and bedding can be done in her favorite colors to suit her style. Add shelving to the walls to hold all of her model horses. If she competes make sure to have a showcase space for her ribbons and/or trophies. Use horseshoes to create hooks for clothes or bags, and adhere a lasso around the edges of a mirror or the base of a lamp for fun horse-related accents. Finish it all off with a stainless steel wall art sign featuring a horse and rider -- the perfect complementing touch.

  • Patriotic support -- Show your patriotic pride, either inside or out, with this stainless steel American flag available in either 18” or 36” wide. Perfect as a decoration for the 4th of July, or a year-round piece depending on your decorating style. Set it on a shelf, accompanied by mason jars painted in red, white, and blue chalk paint and filled with your favorite summer flowers.

  • Tribute to our troops -- Are you or your spouse an Army or Marines veteran? Perhaps you have a loved one in the military. Or maybe you just admire the men and women who have dedicated their lives to protecting our freedom(s). Show your support for their service with one of these stainless steel military emblems. This tribute to the military branches is a great metal wall piece to add to a den, home office, or even a workshop in the shed or garage. Made from rust-resistant stainless steel it can be hung inside or outside

    • Cabin theme -- It doesn’t matter if your house is in the mountains or even the suburbs of a large city, many people opt to go with a cabin or outdoorsy theme in a bedroom, bathroom, or family room. Opt for decor in dark green, browns/tans, and burgundy. Metal and “antler” art are commonly used as accents or even as structural pieces on lamps and furniture. Hang this moose wall art piece in the entryway to greet friends and family when they come to visit

      • “Family” room -- A family room is supposed to be an informal room in your home with family (and friends) gather to read, talk, watch tv, play games, etc. So why not up the family aspect of it by dedicating your fireplace mantel or an accent wall to family pictures and coordinating wall art? Start with a large, metal monogram of the family name and then surround it with your favorite professional and candid photos. Or design a gallery wall using canvases, making sure to incorporate this metal wall accent that features “family” in cursive script.


        These are just a few ideas to get the creative ball rolling. Regardless of your home’s style, there are numerous ways to add to the decor using metal wall art! 


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