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Do Yourself Interior Remodeling

Great interior remodeling projects aren’t always about knocking down walls, buying new furniture, or lots of paint. Yes, you read that right! As a matter of fact, most people have the same goals for many of their remodeling wish lists, and they can be addressed with a minimum of disruption and definitely no construction work.

The most common needs that are expressed by homeowners and renters are:

  • Gaining more storage
  • Refreshing the look of their living space
  • Maximizing the efficiency of their home

Let’s look at some of the ways you can achieve these goals in all the rooms of your house, all without consulting an interior designer or altering the structure. (This last one is especially important for renters!)


Create a Focal Point

It’s Decorating 101 - every room needs a focal point. Let’s look at living rooms: if you’re lucky enough to have a fireplace, it creates a natural visual stopping point. It’s the perfect place to display art that can establish the color palette for the room.

Sadly, not all homes still have fireplace mantels, which takes away the impact. A nice deep floating shelf is perfect for displaying art, accenting your two-dimensional framed pieces with other items such as plants or pottery, and a stainless steel version is sleek and versatile. The minimal edge won’t take away from the art, and your formerly drab room will suddenly seem complete, with a strong center to anchor the decor.


Make Your Kitchen a Joy to Work In

Kitchen remodeling is one of the most common - and expensive projects that homeowners can undertake. Underneath it all, many remodelers are just looking for a space that is more efficient and attractive.

Most stock kitchen layouts don’t use their space well. Take a close look at your pantry, open unused wall space, and the things that tend to stack up on your countertops, like cookbooks and small appliances. If you don’t have a place to stash them, shelves are the perfect way to lift them up off the work area when they’re not in use, while still keeping them close at hand.

Floating Shelves are perfect for kitchens. Not only are they attractive, but they’re also easy to keep clean, handling the common water splashes and spills that happen around cooking with aplomb. Consider adding a ledge above your sink, over your stove, tucked in below a cabinet, or at the ends of cabinets. They’re just right for holding spices, herb plants, commonly-used items, and even keeping your tablet out of harm’s way when you’re using it for recipes. 


Learn to Love Your Closets

Closet remodeling is a big business. It’s impossible to have too much storage in your home. Think about it: When was the last time you heard a friend complain about having too much closet space?

Rather than hiring expensive services or trying to squeeze a one-size-fits-all system that you purchased at a big box store into your closet, you can create the perfect system with brackets and the shelving that you choose. If you can locate a wall stud and drive in a screw, you are already well on your way to organized happiness.

We have the best-looking brackets for your project and can accommodate all the sizes you’re going to need. Deeper sizes for large items, the strength and durability to handle heavier weights - our brackets can meet the unique storage requirements for every one of your closets. Even better - they look great.

Display Your Personality

We all have pieces of art that we just don’t have the right way to display. It could be a gorgeous, but fragile piece of pottery that you don’t want to have around children or pets. You may have a collection of items that would be stunning as a group, but you really aren’t the curio cabinet kind of person. Or, you may love your eclectic plants, but find that they just don’t work on wood furniture.

Stainless steel shelves and ledges are the perfect way to show off your most-loved possessions to perfection. They can handle plants, keep items from slipping off, and their minimal look doesn’t detract from your pieces. With a variety of widths available, you can design a wall display that shows off a single piece of art or whole groups.

The next time you get the remodeling bug, consider that the real problems you’re trying to solve can be an easy and quickly fulfilling DIY project. Just look up, and you’re ready to see the wonderful ways that the right shelves can truly change your home!

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