Easy Ways to Remodel Your Laundry Room

May 23, 2019

Easy Ways to Remodel Your Laundry Room

It’s probably not your favorite room in the house, and maybe it’s low on the list for any planned remodeling projects. But - your laundry room - yes, yours! - is ripe for some updates - and it could soon be a much nicer space to spend time in. We’re all about organizing and good looks, and we’re going to share some easy ways to pull off a change for the better. 


Make Your Laundry a Cleaning Command Center 

It makes sense to keep all your cleaning supplies together, doesn’t it? Approach your laundry room like a Commander of Clean: Keep your fabric care items nearby, such as any specialty fabric washes or stain treatments, but also store your other household cleaning products there, as well. Other than items that you use for quick and frequent clean-ups, you can relocate all sorts of items to your “Clean Room,” such as furniture cleaners, larger refill bottles, pet shampoos, and cleaning rags. The next time someone in your house is frantically searching for the metal polish or tennis shoe cleaner, you can calmly refer them to the laundry room.

You’ll probably be interested in adding some shelves to the space to help organize the goods. Stainless steel is the perfect material for use in an environment where things might be damp or where bottles could overflow - it’s durable, easy to clean, and won’t rust. Locate some new stainless steel shelves within easy reaching distance - nothing above eye level, for maximum efficiency.


Add Some Drying Racks to you Laundry Room

Drying space is something that can occupy valuable real estate in a small laundry room - but it’s also essential for air-drying items from sneakers to sweaters. It’s actually easy to sneak more of it into your room with some out-of-the-box thinking.

If you are already adding a shelf over your washer and dryer, use stainless steel closet brackets that will allow you to install a dowel rod for holding hangers. You’ll gain storage space for your detergent and other items, too. Having hanger space also makes it much easier to get wash-and-wear shirts from the laundry to the closet - and most households can use a little help in that area!

Some sneakier ways to tuck in drying room are to use retractable clotheslines - they can even be installed on the back walls of cabinets so that they’re totally invisible when you’re not using them. Models that are hinged can also be installed on walls and dropped down on laundry days. You’ll be able to cut down on laundry and utility bills, keep your laundry room looking tidy when you’re not using it, and never shrink another item in the dryer - drying racks are a winner!


Install a Stainless Steel Counter 

If your machines are front loaders, give some serious thought to adding a stainless steel countertop over them. Sliding the machines under a piece of continuous counter space has several advantages: It can immediately dress up the room with an attractive surface, provides a smoother, easier-to-clean spot for folding and sorting laundry, and cuts down dramatically on things going missing behind your appliances. (Those spots are definitely one answer to the age-old mystery about where those lost socks go!)

You’ll want to do a reality check and make sure that all the controls will be accessible on your unit, of course. Shop around for a piece of counter that will dress up the room - why not have the first granite laundry room counters in your neighborhood? 


Add a Sink Basin 

If you’re able to convert to a stacking washer-dryer configuration in the future, you may be able to add a sink basin to your laundry. If you’ve never had access to one, you may not realize how incredibly handy this simple addition can be. With a deep laundry basin, you’ll quickly discover that it’s the perfect place for not only quick cleaning jobs that are related to your laundry - it’s also fantastic for filling up watering cans, soaking plants, rinsing off large items that you don’t want to lug into to the kitchen or bathtub, and even bathing your dog or cat. As with all potentially damp items, we recommend using a stainless steel shelf for storing any cleaning items above your new sink. Our new copper colors look great with the new trends in countertops and other fixtures - and your remodeling efforts deserve an upgraded look when you’ve completed them.

Hang some new art, add a colorful throw rug, and marvel at what you’ve accomplished! Enjoy your new laundry space, and we won’t tell anyone if you occasionally like to find a little private time in your stylish new room - it can be our secret!

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