Garage Makeover

Essential Steps to a Garage Makeover

Fall is here, and it’s often the opposite of how we look at Spring - instead of cleaning out, we are packing things up and getting them ready for storage. Just because you had your garage looking downright presentable for the summer - don’t despair! There are ways to store away everything in a way that you’ll be tempted to share on Instagram. 

The way to achieve this feat of garage chic is to go out there and look - up! Garages have qualities that make them ideal for installing shelves. Tall ceilings and open walls should encourage everyone to get everything up and off the floor. With all that wall available, almost anything can be neatly organized. 

If you’re ready to begin your garage makeover, grab a pencil and follow along with our tips. 


Map Out Your Needs 

What is the daily traffic like? No, not out on the road - in and out of your garage!  In many homes, it’s the most used entrance. Is there a spot where you tend to set things down, like shoes? Do you find yourself weaving around things on the floor? Do you have a workspace, like a bench? 

Each of these can use shelves to get things stored and organized. Do a trial run out to your car and back, then see what frustrates you. Make a list of what needs to go where, do a rough sketch, and you’ll know where the shelves should go.


Measure What’s Going on Your Shelves 

If you know that you’ll be organizing with a lot of storage totes, they’ll need to fit on your new shelves. Fortunately, we have wall brackets that will let you accommodate almost any tub size. 

For other items, give them a once-over to estimate how many will fit per section. For things that are narrow but tall, you’ll need to think vertical shelf dimensions. The versatility of wall shelves is perfect to tidy up all those different-sized items. 

Remember - with custom shelves, you get to decide on the height. You get maximum use of your space, and don’t lose valuable inches, as you do with pre-made shelving units. You can decide on several shelves for smaller items, or fewer, taller ones. It’s easy to get your shelves just the way you want them. 


Don’t Forget About the Weight 

Don’t limit your ideas about what to store on shelves. Shelving, properly installed, can handle just about anything, and our stainless steel brackets are incredibly strong. 

Break out the bathroom scale and weigh some of the heavier items.  Check to see what your limits are on lifting something comfortably - not just lifting it, but how high. Reserve lower shelves for the heavier items and save your back.


Do a Thorough Inventory 

If you have not brought seasonal items inside yet, don’t let them slip your mind. If you’re planning on purchasing new items, remember to leave space for them, as well. Fall is a good time to empty and store planters, organize your water and beach equipment, and stash away your garden supplies until Spring. 

Outdoor toys, holiday decorations, and pool supplies can all be put up out of the way, and off the floor until the weather warms up. Even if you’re not quite ready to pack them all away, make a couple of circuits around your home to list off everything that you would love to have neatly stored this winter.


Find and Mark Your Wall Studs 

Once you’ve figured out how much shelf space you need, you’ll need to do a little bit of measuring. First, you’ll want to find your wall studs. You’ll use these to anchor your shelf brackets securely.

Generally, the vertically placed wall studs are 16” apart. (You might want to use an electronic stud finder for this.) 

Once you’ve located them, mark each with a pencil or drive a small nail in. Now, you’ll be able to decide where your new shelves will start and end, and how many brackets you’ll need for each. 


Plan Ahead 

When is the last time you heard anyone complain about having way too much storage space? Adding additional shelves will never give you any buyer’s remorse. You will certainly find a use for it, and garage improvements have always been one of the best investments when you sell a home. 

If there’s room in your budget, consider increasing it for your shelving project. The value in having a place to store all those awkward items that have no place in the house, as well as your enjoyment in seeing your organized garage, will be immeasurable. 

Adding shelves is so easy and almost immediately rewarding. You will be inspired by our line of stainless steel shelf brackets for this project. They are strong, easy to keep clean, and will give your shelving an upscale look that will make you proud every time you pass by. 

Check out our complete line of brackets - they’re available in a wide range of sizes that will let you customize your shelves to your own needs.

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