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Fall Leaf Cleanup Tips

The Autumn leaves are falling and soon they will become a mess on the patio and deck. Fall clean-up of leaves is not a chore most gardeners look forward to, but working smart when raking leaves can make it go more efficiently.

Rake when its dry. The leaves will be lighter, saving you energy. Clear you pathways and and decks of accessories, so you have space to work. Keep you heavy potted plants on a plant caddy to make them easy to move when the time comes for sweeping and raking. It will help take the backache out of moving big pots.

What to do with all the leaves you gather?

Both shredded and unshredded leaves can be used as the 'brown' or carbon component in your compost bin. Combine dry leaves with green garden waste such as grass clippings or food scraps will result in an actively decomposing pile for spring time black gold.

Diseased leaves may be composted, but you will want to keep the compost warm, around 60 degrees Fahrenheit (15 C.) or warmer, to kill the pathogens. Cover you compost bin in the winter to keep it moist but not soggy and continue turn the compost to increase the air circulation and mix in moist material.

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