Organize small spaces with shelves

How to Organize Your Small Spaces with Stainless Steel Shelves

When closet and cabinet space is at a premium, it's all too easy to clutter a home with knickknacks, dishes, books and laundry. When you're working with a space of 1,000 square feet or less, you have to get crafty with how you optimize it for maximum organization and comfort.

A few decorative stainless shelves go a long way toward making a space look pulled together. You can even co-ordinate them with a rooms theme, such as dogs in this example. Plants, picture frames, and other knickknacks become an artful collection, that might've otherwise take up precious real estate on top of a coffee table or nightstand. 

Stainless steel shelf brackets for small space with dog theme

This small kitchen has decent counter-top space and lower cabinet storage, but the addition of upper cabinets would make the space seem small and enclosed. Open shelving using stainless steel brackets was added to free up some room and make the most used dishes easier to access, while still keeping the kitchen space seem open and bright.

Open stainless steel shelving idea for a small kitchen

 Laundry rooms are notorious for being cramped. Heavy duty shelving is essential for holding cleaning supplies and detergents. The single most important aspect of properly installing a shelf is making sure it is secure and able to bear the weight it will be expected to support. Stainless steel can support a large amount of weight when correctly install into the suds without being bulky, it is non-corrosive and easy to clean. Using a stainless closet shelf with a hanging rod, allows for a space hang stuff to dry. 

Stainess closet brackets used in the laundry room


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