Garden Art - A Gift for the Gardener

Marking the Occasion with a Gift for the Gardener

Gardening friends and relatives can be some of the easiest people to buy for. This is partly there are so many garden-related catalogs with great ideas and partly because you can never go wrong with a gift of blooms.

Although your favorite garden lover may be in the beginning stages of their master garden design, you can surprise them with something special that has already been placed outside as a surprise. Garden art is one way to create a highly personal gifts for the garden lover. A garden sign or customized piece adds a form of decoration to their outdoor space that can be appreciated through all the seasons.

Just like any room, landscapes benefit from a focal point, and garden art can make the difference between pleasant surroundings and a place with real presence. Garden wall art is a nice way to include pieces that can be relocated as the garden takes shape. Other types of decorative garden gift items can include special planters, bird baths, or trellises.

We also love the idea of potted specimen plants that can be rearranged in an outdoor living space. As the seasons change, light shifts, and leaves come and go on trees, it’s nice to be able to shift large plants around. It’s also the perfect solution for entertaining - just like being able to reconfigure tables and chairs, it’s wonderful to have the ability to move your pots around to accommodate the movement of guests and to create different spaces in your outdoor areas.

Is there a senior gardener on your gift list? Setting up a senior gardener with some durable rolling plant caddies will allow them to handle any moves with ease, and can make those seasonal transitions from indoors to outdoors easy. Our heavy-duty model is one of the sturdiest on the market, and can hold major specimens - up to 450 lbs


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