Metal Monogram Signs: A Great Gift for Fall Weddings

September 19, 2018

Metal Monogram Signs: A Great Gift for Fall Weddings

Fall wedding season is just around the corner. If you’re looking for a wedding gift that is a little more special than an appliance from their gift registry, custom last name signs are a perfect gift.

There are multiple ways that your gift can be used and appreciated from the very beginning. Here are just a few ideas!


Monogrammed Signs for the Wedding and Reception

No matter what the type of wedding, monograms are a classic touch. If you’re lucky enough to be involved in the planning of the event, including a family name sign is a fun surprise that can be used to:

  • Decorate the cake table 
  • Set up for formal photos
  • Mark the head table
  • Or any number of uses!

Outdoor weddings are also a natural for using a last name sign. They blend in perfectly with the surroundings and can be placed or hung almost anywhere. Lantern stands, arbors, or landscaping are great focal points to show off the couple’s new name.

A family name sign is also a sweet and thoughtful gift for parents of the bride or groom, members of the wedding party, or other relatives. Weddings are times that bring families together, and a special souvenir that can be used year-round is a great way to commemorate the event.


In The Bride and Groom's First Home

No matter what size or style of home the newlyweds are going home to, a monogrammed last name sign is a versatile addition. Usually, wedding gifts involve worrying about matching the couple’s color scheme or decor. A personalized sign is already customized and can be used in any number of spots - from outside or inside.

In Front of the Home

At the Mailbox

A last name sign is a natural here. Added to the mailbox, it gives a stylish way to add their name to the post, and let people know where they live.

Front Doorway

Even when it’s an apartment, adding your name to the door is an attractive way to personalize your first home together. And, when you move, it’s easy to take with you.

A family name sign makes a fine addition to front porches and doorways. It can be used with seasonal decor like Thanksgiving or Christmas pieces, and the couple can use it right away.


Home Interior

The possibilities are almost endless here, as monograms are so classic. Let’s look a just a few:

Over the Mantel

This is always a focal point in a living room, and often where family photos are displayed. Showing off those new framed wedding photos will be especially meaningful with the couple’s newly joined last name.

In the Entry Hall

A family name sign is a beautiful way to take advantage of that blank wall space that seems to predominate many entry halls. It gives a sense of welcome, while blending well with a variety of interiors.

For those homes that have high entry ceilings, the sign can cap off a series of family photos that ascend the wall. It’s a crisp focal point that can be enjoyed from a distance.

In the Kitchen

Home trends show us spending more and more time in our kitchen - and design trends follow this. Kitchens now include features that are just for showing off accent pieces or personal touches.

A monogram last name sign will look great on top of kitchen cabinets surrounded by some greenery or seasonal decor. It’s a striking way to set off a large pantry door, hang over a sink window, or add to the wall over a breakfast nook.

On Stair Landings

In a multi-story home, that spot on the stair landing can be problematic. It seems wrong to leave empty wall space. A strong accent piece is called for, but can be difficult to choose with limited floor space.

A last name sign is perfect for this type of space. It gives a bold accent that can be added to as the couple builds their life together.

In the Garden

If the couple has a backyard or patio, they may wish to set up their metal family sign right away! A monogram is never too cute or trendy and can go just about anywhere.

Perfect spots are at the back door, installed on a back gate, or fastened as an accent point on a wooden privacy fence. A sign like this looks wonderful surrounded by greenery or suspended from a tree. It’s a nice way to personalize every part of the home for the newlyweds.

Check out our options for last name signs, and you may find yourself thinking of even more ideas for the new couple!

Our Metal Monogram Name Sign uses both the last name and the initial of the new couple.

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