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Moving Heavy Potted Plants

Big outdoor planters are a great way to display flowers and shrubs, but moving them can be backbreaking. Here are some simple ways to make moving heavy potted plants easy.

Solution 1:
Often large pots are deeper than our plants really need. We can fill that extra space and lighten the load by re-purposing and recycle foam packing peanuts, empty milk jugs or aluminum pop cans. Fill the pot one-third to one-half full, cover with landscape fabric and then add soil. This cuts the weight in half, improves drainage and saves on soil costs at the same time. 

Solution 2:
A heavy duty plant caddy is an excellent garden supply that is a lifesaver when moving garden pots, large potted trees or heavy trash cans. Really large pots can be hard to move; once they are in position and have a tendency to remain there for a long time. A plant caddy will allow the pot to be moved for cleaning and watering. It's a worthwhile investment to make, so ask your local garden center what they have in stock. Look online if you can't get this locally.

Select a plant dolly that has a high weight capacity and is made from a durable material. Over time, water and the elements can break down plastic materials. Does the plant dolly have a low center of gravity? A recessed floor makes for a low center of gravity and greater stability when moving tall plants. Depending on what surface you have your potted plants on, consider the wheels attached to the bottom of the caddy. Are they hard plastic? Rubber? Large outdoor potted plants can be a beast to move around your patio or garden. You'll save yourself a lot of annoyance if you select a caddy on rubber casters that can move across a variety of terrain such as textured paver stones.

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