New England Lobster Jalapeno Popper Recipe

February 01, 2018

New England Lobster Jalapeno Popper Recipe

Getting ready to host a NFL Superbowl party? We’ve got you covered. Here is a jalapeno popper recipe for Patriot Fans courtesy TABASCO® Sauce. The legendary flavor of sweet New England Lobster wrapped with crispy bacon. What more could you want?


1/2 lb fresh hand-picked Lobster Meat, chopped fine

6 large Jalapeno peppers

2  tablespoons butter - melted

4 tablespoons chopped chives

12 slices think cut bacon

2  tablespoons Tabasco sauce

Salt and pepper, to taste

filleting knife or other long, thin blade
nylon or latex kitchen gloves
medium-sized mixing bowl
mixing fork
cutting board
Proper J. Popper (TM) grill rack
Backyard grill OR kitchen oven

INSTRUCTIONS About 30 minutes before roasting these peppers begin heating your kitchen oven to 450 degrees F. or start your backyard grill. Chop the lobster. In a medium bowl, mix lobster, butter, Tabasco, chives, salt and pepper.

Wearing gloves, slice jalapeños in half starting at the stem to leave it intact; gently remove seeds. Spoon lobster mixture into jalapeños; wrap tightly with a slice of bacon, about 3 times around. Place the poppers upright in the Proper J. Popper Jalapeno grill rack. When your oven or your grill is at temperature place the poppers on a top rack. Roast for 15 minutes or until the bacon is cooked. Serve immediately!


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