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Organizational design on a budget

Creating an organized space in your home shouldn't have to send your monthly budget into the red. It can be challenging to find creative, decent furniture for small spaces at a reasonable price that is functional while also suiting your personal design aesthetic. DIY projects don't have to be daunting either. They should be fun, inspirational, and just enough of a challenge to give you a sense of satisfaction with your creative accomplishment.

If dressers or cabinets are what you need to store clothing or blankets, consider mounting wide-plank shelving and organizing your items into baskets which will be placed on the shelving.

Select brackets which will be durable enough to support your load, but that also blend seamlessly into your environment. Consider wall color, theme, and accent colors.

A good rule of thumb for mounting shelving is to place a bracket for every 16 inches of shelving, with brackets placed at both ends.

Photo credit: Tess Wilson

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