Rolling into the holiday season

December 13, 2019

Rolling into the holiday season

Winter holidays are creeping up - we know you've noticed! Around the U.S. the temperatures may be varied as we enter Fall season, but there's still a lot of clean-up and prepping for family events going on. Plants are heading inside or into the greenhouse, we're stowing away things in he-sheds and she-sheds, and finally climbing up into the attic after the summer heat has left the building.

To celebrate that we're now rolling into the holiday season, we're going to focus on some of the best ways to utilize our rolling plant caddies. They're one product that can be used for much more than just your plants - although we'll talk about that too!


Prep for guests at lightning speeds

Smaller rooms and open floor plans have something in common when it comes to clean up: There's no place to hide. We're not talking about the introvert in your family - it's everything that goes along with your daily life!

Toys, hobbies, laundry hampers, and sporting equipment often end up sitting out in plain sight, due to their frequent use. If your living room and guest room doubles as a playground or catch-all spot, go with the flow and set your home up for quick changes.

Place storage cubbies and other organizing gear on one of our plant caddies, and you can simply send it out of the room when you need to tidy everything up. With rubber wheels, they move gently across your floors, and their heavy-duty construction holds up under heavy loads.

They're also great for smaller moves to accommodate a quick clean with a vacuum or mop.

Once the coast is clear, you can roll everything back into position, and not even worry about straining your back or getting someone else to help.


Change floor plans on the fly

Do you need extra floor space for gatherings? Our new, larger plant caddies can accommodate smaller pieces of furniture year-round, making them mobile when you need to open up a room. At just 3" tall, they have a low profile that works easily with conventional surface heights. Caddies can also be ordered with locking casters that will keep them in place as needed, avoiding unplanned moves. For small spaces, keeping some pieces on wheels is the key to party-hosting success, and our caddies have a sleek look. They're available in multiple finishes that work discreetly with your decor.

For many of us, our indoor surroundings tend to fill up with plants after summer ends. You probably keep them pulled together for maximum impact and use as a natural screen in larger rooms. By grouping smaller plants on a larger caddy, you can send the whole arrangement to another part of the room in one trip. Big plants deserve their own caddy, and ours can handle the weight of your biggest palm.

Move your prized botanical specimens where you need them for an attractive photo backdrop, let them follow the sunlight around the room through the season, or even move them into a position where you can best tend to pruning and other maintenance. Trust us when we say: Your plant is happier when you give it wheels!


Let your Fa-La-La Roll

Christmas trees are part of the holidays. If your family is one that gets the tree set up for maximum, multi-week display, it can be a little disruptive. We're here to support your holiday spirit!

Even the most lovingly cared for live tree will drop needles, block foot traffic, and make it hard to clean. Wouldn't it be nice if you could just - you know - move it a little bit? Well, with a sturdy rolling caddy in the right size, you can install the whole tree stand and tree on a movable platform that lets you go on with your daily life through the seasonal festivities.

It works for artificial trees too, of course. Anytime you need to clean or get a little floor space back, simply roll your Yuletide friend out of the way. You'll be able to vacuum, search for lost cats, add water, and search for fallen ornaments, with just a push. (As well as roll out your yoga mat, make room for wrapping presents, and walk around!)

When the holidays are over, you can move your tree back out with ease, and then re-purpose your caddy for a plant - or one of the other uses we've suggested above.

Who knew that a plant caddy could make your holidays so merry? Well - here's another tip: They make a great gift. Check out all our designs!

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