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Selecting a Plant Caddy for Heavy Potted Plants

We have quite a few big plants and moving them can be difficult. That’s where a rolling plant caddy comes in handy. By putting your potted plants on wheels you can easily prevents the stains resulting from pots left all season on your wood decks. You can also take daily advantage of the sun. Move or rotate your plants for even sun exposure and healthier plants. We use indoors and outdoors to move plants out of the way for entertaining or for cleaning underneath.  

heavy duty rolling plant caddy is a great solution to making your plants more mobile and giving you garden and patio design versatility. For your heavy pots, select a plant caddy that has a high weight capacity and is made from a durable material. Over time, water and the elements can break down plastic materials. Consider how your plants drain in their current pots, and select a plant caddy that will support that drainage. Does the plant dolly have a low center of gravity?  A recessed floor makes for a low center of gravity and greater stability when moving tall plants. Depending on what surface you have your potted plants on, consider the wheels attached to the bottom of the caddy. Are they hard plastic? Rubber? Large outdoor potted plants can be a beast to move around your patio or garden.  You'll save yourself a lot of annoyance if you select a caddy on casters that can move across a variety of terrain such as textured paver stones. Rubber are the most durable and have the smoothest glide.

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