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Summer Grilling Trend 2019

Setting up your grill for summertime cookouts is an early summer rite of passage. Nothing says “Celebrate!” like cooking outside for holidays and family events. We won’t venture into advice on the best grill or even the type - but we do have some tips and news about some of the latest ways to make your outdoor dining and cooking spaces look and perform great.


Expand your options

It’s surprisingly simple to add whole new areas to your outdoor cooking repertoire, and the changes can be good for your health!

Meatless options are getting more popular all the time. One thing that is trending on the grill is mushrooms. Formerly exotic types like chanterelles and fresh shiitakes are now appearing frequently at local markets and groceries.

These can be grilled up nicely and enjoyed alone, in a sandwich, or used to make up entirely new meat-free options. Pick up a few on your next shopping trip! Another way to add vegetables to your menu is with shish kebabs. Tofu can also be grilled and brushed with barbecue sauce for a flavorful option.

Other veggies that can hit the grill: okra, corn, and our favorite: jalapeño poppers. As a matter of fact, a Proper J. Popper grill rack works great with a variety of items, making it a versatile item that will really spice up your cooking. (See what we did there?)


Try out a new recipe

Curious about why jalapeño poppers are a favorite from coast to coast? Here’s what you’ll need to try them yourself. You’ll need 12 large peppers, 1 cup of Mexican blend shredded cheese, and 6 slices of thick bacon.

  •  Slice peppers from stem to tip on 1 side only. Carefully squeeze the ends of pepper to open it up and scoop out seeds and veins with a small spoon.
  • Stuff each hollowed-out pepper with shredded cheese. Wrap each pepper with a half-slice of bacon, secure with a toothpick
  • Grill your peppers 3 to 5 minutes on each side or until bacon is cooked, but not crisp.
  • Serve hot!


Check out the latest in grilling technology

Yep, high tech has even come to your barbecue set-up. If you haven’t had the time to research or attend a home and garden show, you may have missed out on what’s new.

Robo-power has arrived! If you love your little vacuuming robot in your home, you may be interested in a smart grill-cleaner. Instead of scrubbing off the grates yourself, you can attach your cleaning bot, and let it do all the work.

If you’re a fan of smartphone technology, you are primed for success in your next outdoor cooking experience. Products from entire grills to propane tank gauges can be synced up with your phone via Bluetooth, and let you know everything from how much is left on your fuel to how much time you need to grill that steak.

Heat thermometers have also gone digital, allowing you to accurately and quickly get the temp of what you’re cooking without singing your knuckles in the process. And, don’t forget the apps! You can quickly check recipes from your phone with any number of helpful ones.

Spice it up

Branch out in your outdoor grilling with some new flavors, and have some fun. Some of the latest trends in spices utilize spices that are easy to locate at your local market, but that may be new to you.

Try out flavors from Korean barbecue by adding ingredients like hot pepper paste (Gochujang), ginger, sesame oil, and rice vinegar to your rib marinades. Lime-infused grilling salts add all the zest of a mojito to your fish filets. Or, try adding cocoa powder to your spice rub for a rich and different flavor.


Keep it organized

Keeping your grilling implements and ingredients during a big grilling session can be important - and sometimes horizontal space be at a premium. Check out for railing brackets and tables for an easy and handsome way to add space to your outdoor kitchen and dining space. They’re not only great for cooking help - they add a helpful spot for drinks, plates, phones, and anything else that you need to set down when you’re enjoying the outdoors. They’re easy to set up before your next get-together.

We hope you’ll enjoy all that summer has to offer, and don’t forget the jalapeños on your next trip to the market!

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