Design trends for 2019

Home Interior Design Trends for 2019

Now that we’re moving into a new year, it’s the ideal season to sit down with a few home design magazines, the laptop opened up to Pinterest, and the vague sense of being overwhelmed about what’s going to be on-trend for 2019. Even though changing up your home decor is invigorating, and can bring a lot of fresh new energy into your life, the sheer amount of ideas out there can leave you a little numb.

Home design trends tend to move at a slower rate than say, clothing fashions, but there are changes every year. If you’re curious about what some of the latest updates to home interior looks are, read on - we’ve done the work for you!

Feeling Blue?

In this case, getting the blues is all happiness - no need to feel the least bit glum about adding more of this color to your life! Blues continue to be a strong presence in the home - in strong, impactful shades. This is not the time to go powdery and pale - rich tones in cobalt and royal are popping up in everything from tile accented back-splashes to pendant lamps.

Pure tones of teal and turquoise hues are also going to show up on upholstery and in paint. Rather than an artificial, formal feel, these new shades provoke a feeling of nature and more than a hint of bohemian charm.

These blues also form a cool counterpoint to the Pantone Color of the Year - “Living Coral”. Get ahead of the trend and be ready for the future by bringing the cooling and serene qualities of blue into your color scheme.

Art Deco Returns

All good things come back around again in the world of style, and Art Deco is swinging back into the spotlight. The good news is that this year’s rendition of the classic style has something for both vintage lovers and trendsetters.

The sweetness of the soft hues you might associate with this era has been dialed down, and the palette is more sophisticated. Think more of the sharp Art Deco style that reveled in strong geometric shapes, and the wonderful color blends. Deeper accent colors that will pop with warm tones such as coral will be coming back - think deep olive greens, rich burgundies, and deepest navy.

If you’ve been waiting for the moment to shake up your home design and incorporate some of your vintage treasures, this is it. Use the sleekness of our stainless steel floating shelving to show off your collection of sleek glassware or pieces of art. Metallic accents are key to the whole Art Deco style, and our brackets will provide a strong geometric element that will fit in perfectly.

Handcrafted Accents

Still strong in 2019 is the use of handcrafted accents with a strong texture. Think fabrics like burlap and raffia, handwoven rugs, and unique furniture pieces that aren’t afraid to show off their artisan quirks.

On walls and floors, expect to see a renewed interest in finishes that look hand-applied and aren’t afraid to be bright. Layering now happens with rugs - don’t be afraid to mix and match your patterns while you’re at it. Hand-dyed and finished fabrics in interesting prints, and wall covering that looks hand-stamped are all part of the look. It’s fun, it’s bright, and it’s eclectic.

Designers temper the extravagance of the look with contrasting hard surfaces. For every textured window panel, they cool it down with smooth terra cotta floor tiles or polished granite counter-tops. Using stainless steel on shelving, appliances, and other features is the most contemporary way to set off the inspirational extravagance of hand-crafted pieces - the soft gleam of stainless is perfect alongside this trend.

Changing the Idea of Headboards

2019 is the year to let your bedroom style go big! There’s no need to get caught up in watching your headboard to the rest of your bedroom furniture - this piece of valuable wall real estate is the perfect place for a bold art accent. Instead of investing in a tall, overwhelming headboard, the trend is to spotlight a piece of art.

It’s not necessary to invest in something framed - the strong look of one of our stainless steel wall art pieces is perfect for this spot. From the handsome look of our Compass Rose art piece to the sentiment of our Infinity Love designs, these pieces are unique and stunning as the focal point of your bedroom. We can also assist you with custom sizes and colors for the perfect gift or home accent.

Infinity Love headboard over bed

The 2019 design trends offer something for everyone - saturated colors, bold textures, a hint of nostalgia, and new focal points. No matter what your tastes, you’ll be able to find coordinating stainless steel pieces in our catalog - they truly go with everything, beautifully.

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