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6 Easy Decluttering Projects to Organize Your Home

Spring is in the air, and for many of us, our thoughts turn to... organizing our homes! With longer days finally here, and busy days full of warm-weather activities coming up, it’s the perfect time to map out some easy projects that can be accomplished over a weekend or in our spare time. It’s always nicer to get chores handled when the weather is cooler, and you’ll enjoy the invigorating sense of getting that sense of spaciousness back into your house. We’ve gathered up 6 easy ideas to help you cruise through the decluttering process as smoothly as possible.

Head Out to the Garage

It’s definitely part of your home, and we have some very good reasons to make it the first item on your list. For most of us, the garage is a place to store anything too big, awkward, or messy for the rest of the house. However, once you tackle the garage and maximize your storage, you’ll be able to make room for all the other items you’ve organized and packed away.

So, head out there with a broom or shop vac and get ready to move things up! There are so many things that can be hung on garage walls or put on shelves. Consolidate your fishing gear, set up spots for garden tools that are easily accessible, and designate areas for often-used items. You’ll find it’s much easier to get jobs done when the things you need are visible. Now, you can use any floor space for things that really need it.

Clean Out Kitchen Cabinets

Prepare to be ruthless. Set up the trash can, and start checking for expired products, old spices, those tea bags you’ve been saving for years...work one shelf at a time, and wipe and reorganize as you go. This is also a great time to get rid of any duplicate items that you don’t need: Extra blender? Multiple sets of knives? A multitude of coffee mugs? If they’re in good condition, donate them to a charity thrift store. You’ll feel better about them actually getting used, and someone will get a great deal.

Once you’ve done the cleaning and organizing, you may find that it’s time to add some more storage to your kitchen or pantry. Stainless steel floating shelves are perfect for kitchen use - they resist water and stains, while continuing to look great with minimal maintenance.

Rotate Your Wardrobe

You’ll gain lots of space if you store out-of-season clothes. By this time of the year, there should be clothes that you won’t need for at least two seasons. Send anything that needs cleaning or repairs off to the cleaners, and stash away all that heavy winter gear. Just like your kitchen, you may find that some new shelves will double your storage and help keep your closet feeling less packed all year round.

Inventory the Bathroom

You may need to get out your magnifying glass, but it’s also time to scour all those personal care products and cosmetics for expiration dates. Say goodbye to those shampoos and conditioners you’ll never use again, empty out the bottles, and send them to the recycling bin. Ask yourself if you really need those extra hair straighteners and blow dryers, too. When you’re all done, think about adding a stainless steel shelf to store all those bottles and jars - not only does it look clean and tidy, it will resist any leaks or spills, and wipe up easily. Moist bathroom environments are perfect for this material.

Clean Out the Linen Closet

Slightly threadbare towels and old sheets have a tendency to pile up and multiply when you think you’ll be able to use them later. Limit yourself to just enough to keep on hand for big spills or quick furniture covers for home renovation projects. Otherwise, fold up the old ones and check in with your local animal shelter, who will probably be delighted to get your linens. When you’re done, fold your remaining towels and sheets for maximum space and the enjoyment of seeing a really organized linen closet.

Tackle the “Landing Zone”

When you enter your home, there’s always one spot that seems to gather the clutter of what’s in your hands: mail, keys, dog leashes, hats...Make your life simpler by creating a space that can hold these items both neatly and in plain sight. A floating shelf won’t take up much room, but it can provide a place to safely stash all those frequently used items. Set up a simple tray or basket for smaller items, and you’ll find that all those frantic searches for sunglasses and keys will vanish, once you store them at eye level in a practical spot.

It’s a great feeling to greet warmer weather with less clutter and a sense of organization. Here’s to a streamlined season of activities!

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