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A Great Shelving Display

Showing off your favorite art or collectibles can be so difficult to pull off well. Even if you’ve been following a strict Marie Kondo-izing protocol and just keeping what brings you joy - well, that doesn’t mean you have a good place to show off your items. It’s easy to fall into a trap of just storing things away and not enjoying them.

Some problems in displaying pieces may be their odd size, concerns about breakage, and the worry that everything will look boring displayed in a long row on a shelf. If you’ve been previously stumped on how to get past these issues, floating shelves and picture ledges are the way to go.

Center of Attention

If you have any items that are worthy of a place of honor, but you’re hard-pressed to find that spot, a smaller shelf unit is perfect. That piece of art pottery that you’ve been hesitating about putting out? How about using one of those smaller areas of wall space that are crying out for an accent, but not quite sized correctly for a big framed piece?

We have a variety of pre-made widths available in our shelves, as well as custom dimensions. For items with a smaller “footprint”, a picture ledge is also a wonderful way to ensure that your fragile items stay safe. These shelves have a raised edge at the front that keeps anything on them from slipping off.

Mixed Media

You don’t have to worry about brackets breaking up the overall aesthetic of your wall display with floating shelves. These mount directly to the wall on your existing studs, and keep the focus on your art.

Varying the size and position of shelves in a group is a fantastic way to add depth to your room and provide a wonderful array of eye candy for anyone visiting the space. You can mix and match framed art with other items for a look that’s as cohesive or eclectic as you like -with the clean shelving lines keeping it all pulled together, no matter what’s on display.

Start by clearing off the walls you’ll be using, and doing an inventory of the items you’d like to put on display. You’ll need to measure heights, widths, and depths of pieces to help you plot out the number of shelves you’ll need, and the sizes.

Don’t be afraid to play around with the arrangement before you order the shelves. Spread things out on the floor and see what looks good together. Remember, you’ll be able to put framed pieces with other items. You’re likely to discover that there are items that you never thought about putting together before now.

The best arrangements will keep the eye moving through the whole wall display. Keep in mind that you’ll want a common visual thread throughout, whether it be a color, shape, or height.

Sporty Structure

For collectors of sports memorabilia, there can be such a range of shapes and sizes of their prizes - it’s never just about the framed photos! We’ve seen displays of everything from hockey sticks to basketball nets in the home of sports enthusiasts. Each piece of a prized collection can be housed on our shelves. At up to 12” deep, our floating shelf styles can handle all sorts of items, getting them up off tabletops, out of boxes, and out on the wall where the owner can be proud. If your home has a “man cave” that could use a little organizing and beautifying, shelves are the way to restore order, give the resident back their workspaces, and keep it all easy to clean. One of the nicest things about stainless steel surfaces is that they make it easy to move things around for wiping down - and that the surface itself is so easy to keep handsome.


Similar, But Not Boring

Even collections of very similar items will get a much-needed boost if you vary the size and location of the shelves you put them on. There’s no need to diminish the impact of your well-chosen and loved collectibles by displaying them in one or two long lines. Instead, choose a picture ledge or shelf of the same finish throughout, and stagger the arrangement.

From plates to framed certificates, you can let go of the worry about nailing everything up and keeping it straight. A series of clean-lined shelves will keep everything together while letting the beauty or interest of individual items shine. They’ll add more interest to space, and still let you get up close to appreciate the fine details.

Thinking creatively about shelves is definitely the way to bring joy back to your collections! Contact us if we don’t have quite what you need on our website - we’re happy to help you create the perfect display.

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