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Add Copper to your Kitchen

Have you been stalking copper sinks on Pinterest? Thinking about just how to add this warm, classic look to your kitchen with accessories or cookware? You’re totally on-trend because this rich and lustrous metal is going to be one of the new looks for your home decor. It’s classic, blends well with any number of finishes, and has a unique look. Here are a few of the latest ways to add copper into your kitchen space.

Backsplash Boldness

A simple way to add an upscale look to your kitchen is to install a copper backsplash. It looks luxurious, develops a rich patina over time, and can be done with tiles or solid sheets of the metal. There are a wide variety of patterns available, as well. Look for stamped and textured styles that can be applied as a DIY project, or investigate some of the smaller tiles for a more intricate look that can be done by a professional.

Even small kitchens can benefit from a backsplash upgrade. If you’re loving the idea of a look that has more of a visual impact but aren’t sure you want to invest in colored tiles, copper is the perfect solution.

Perfect Cookware

If you’ve never experienced cooking with copper in pans and pots, you’re missing out. They are incredible for their even heating and ability to cook foods gently, without scorching. The natural heat-conducting properties of the metal produce superior results at lower temps, and cookware that doesn’t need pre-heating.

Here’s the other reason copper cookware is great to have around: You’ll never have to hide it. Unlike conventional cookware, copper pieces look lovely on a pot rack or nestled on open shelving. You’ll find that they bring a luminous warmth to your space, even when they’re not in use.

Stunning Sinks

Copper makes one of the most incredible sinks out there. The simplest of kitchens will become remarkable when you put in a copper sink. Consider adding a farmhouse style sink with a deep basin and front apron for the maximum statement. This is definitely not the only option, however. Copper sinks are available in all sorts of configurations, from standard drop-in style double basins to custom styles.

Copper sinks can also ramp up the style impact with the variety of textures that can be used in their construction. Hammered, burnished, and polished looks are all available. No matter what you choose, you’ll be surprised at how easy copper can be to maintain. It’s naturally antibacterial, doesn’t rust, and can be cleaned with soap and water. Another option is copper-colored stainless steel that will always retain the look of bright copper without any patina forming.

Luxurious Lighting

Rev up your monochromatic kitchen with copper pendant lighting. With a general shift towards softer, matte finishes in kitchen design, the burnished tones of copper look quite fresh and new. Copper colors allow you to shift to a more natural color palette without going too dark. It’s also a look that has a timeless elegance.

Copper light fixtures are available in many price ranges at home stores. You can also seek out vintage versions that already have the rich patina of older copper and the bonus of feeling like you’ve found a unique piece. Either way, adding touches of the metal will nicely complement your kitchen update.

Polished Plumbing Fixtures

On your next trip to check out sink faucets, skip past the usual metal finishes and look for copper-toned fixtures. They are a great counterpoint to your other copper touches in your kitchen, and look great with matching copper sinks - or as a stand-alone punch of color on standard white models. The great thing about copper is that it can look either rustic or sophisticated, depending on the environment. Farmhouse style, beach cabana, or urban chic all blend very well with anything in a copper finish.

Other Accents

You can bring the wonderful softness of copper into your kitchen in a variety of other ways. It’s easy to upgrade drawer pulls and cabinet knobs to the color, add canisters or other storage pieces or use copper tones for decor accents. Another way to add copper seamlessly to your kitchen is with open shelving. It’s an effortless and simple way to warm up your walls and complement the rest of your copper pieces - while still offering the easy care and durability of metal shelving. Their sleekness will look harmonious with any texture of copper that you use in your space and will display glassware beautifully.

Copper is poised to become the next favorite for all kinds of interior design elements - don’t be afraid to use this amazing color and finish while you’re planning your kitchen updates!

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