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Back to School Organizing

Summer is winding down, school is just around the corner, and you’re trying to make the best of the long days before the mad whirl of activities starts again. When you have kids in the house, it’s always desirable to keep organized the assortment of sporting equipment, book bags, incoming and outgoing papers, dirty uniforms, and the endless variety of stuff that accompanies our offspring.

Chin up, parents: If you start now, you’ll be able to win the Clutter Wars before you can say “Homework assignments”. Let’s get organized!

Sports Require Equipment

And, that equipment comes home with your kids a lot, doesn’t it? Even simpler sports like running can bring in a surprising amount of items that get toted in. No matter where you decide to improve order, there are some tips on how to corral everything before it gets lost or misses laundry day - we’ll let you decide which of those situations can be the worst!

We suggest at least a couple of shelves dedicated to whatever the sport of the season is. Open bins are terrific for keeping things easily accessible and for tossing balls into. When you’re installing shelves, keep the depth of your storage bins in mind. We carry a range of attractive brackets that can accommodate even deep shelves. With a variety of finishes available, you can match your storage shelves to your decor, no matter where you place them.

If uniforms and workout gear are in heavy rotation, consider using your laundry room as the central location for them. Have your athletes drop off their uniforms right at the washer and keep the clean folded items on a shelf nearby. You’ll avoid those last-minute searches, keep the mess contained to one area, and save a lot of steps!

Paper Chase - Over!

Permission slips, homework, art that hasn’t quite made it to the fridge door yet - it can get lost so easily. It’s hard for even adults to keep track of paper - how can you help your kids with the dilemma?

While they’re still smaller, give them a shelf that is just their height. It’s a great idea for everyone in the household to have a designated spot at eye level near a main entrance, and we love the idea of using our picture ledges and stainless steel shelves as easy-care pieces that help organize all those things we grab on our way out - like car keys, dog leashes, and sunglasses.

The same concept works so well for children - with a small adjustment in the height of the shelf to their eye level. They’ll be thrilled to have their own special station, and you can talk about where items should always go. A tray is a must to keep papers together. Add a couple of hooks at the same height range for backpacks and other hangable pieces. It will be easy for you to locate things as you look down, and things won’t be out of sight for them, as they might be on a kitchen counter.

Get Ready for Wardrobe Changes

When the seasons change, you are likely to find that you’ll need more room in your closets for coats, heavier clothing, and storing away summer items. Get ahead of the rush by adding extra shelving and rod space in closets - trust us, there is no such thing as too much storage!

We’ve made it easy to add extra hanging space with shelves for folded items or anything else with our closet rods. Remember - adding two rows of hanging rods in a closet can also mean more shelf space. By using brackets with shelf support at two different heights, you can provide extra storage for items like sweaters, hats, and shoes in a spot you may have overlooked. If you need more shelves, our stainless-steel floating shelves can be custom-sized and are fantastic for anything kids or teens dish out. They’re tough, easy to clean, easy to use with their highly polished surfaces, and never go out of style.

While you’re upgrading shelving in their closets, go ahead and add some stainless steel to their bathrooms! There’s nothing like stainless steel for withstanding moisture, mess, and spills. It wipes clean, resists all kinds of substances, and stays hygienic. We have new finishes and colors that will look fantastic, and styles that can keep bottles on the shelf with a lip, or that are deep enough to hold the most oversized towels.

Take advantage of this time of year to get ahead of the school scheduling craziness, and you’ll be well on your way to a more organized fall and winter!

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