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Bathroom Makeover tips

Thinking about remodeling a bathroom in your home? Chances are, you've considered it, especially if space is at a premium in this high-traffic area. Older homes, in particular, are known for a lack of storage and fixtures that just don't work for modern families. Major renovations can eat up your budget with new fixtures alone, this can easily put this kind of project off.

Luckily, there are easy ways to address common issues such; inefficient storage, lack of overall room size, and even the high humidity climate that goes along with showers and baths. We searched out some of the best ideas for you!


Uh-Oh - Where's the bathtub rail?

Standalone soaking tubs are a popular addition to modern bathrooms. It's relatively easy to pull out a fiberglass tub combo and replace it with a beautiful, deep bathtub that just says, "Pour in the bubbles!"

One small feature that homeowners frequently overlook after this upgrade is that they're losing all their shelf space around their tub. You know- the spot where you set down your soaps, books, scented candle, and anything else you need during a good relaxing soak?

This can be easily and attractively solved by using the walls around your new bathtub to hold new shelves. (We suggest matching them to your plumbing fixtures.)

Run a pair of double-decker shelves along the wall within easy reach, and you'll end up with even more storage than you had with your old set-up. Our picture ledges, for example, are made with a lip that will keep your bath essentials safe and are perfectly proportioned for this sort of use.

Once you've sorted out your bath time needs, check out the ends of your tub for even more storage. When space is at a premium, installing some open shelving at either end of the tub can provide a lot of extra room for organizing towels and other linens, as well as some live plants who thrive on the steam they'll get from the bathtub.

Check out some air plants, who come from humid rain forests and will adore this type of space, even in low light. Other appropriate and easy plants could be Sansevieria (Commonly known as Snake Plants), or sturdy vines like Pothos or a Tradescantia - the Wandering Jew.


Squeeze in Shelves

Step back and look at your bathroom layout with a fresh eye. There are always spots that can handle some new shelving. Break out your measuring tape, and locate some!

Walls behind doors can be a great place for smaller items. If you need a place to spread out your perfume collection, nail polishes, or even eyeglasses, a picture ledge is perfect. Start at eye level, and go down.

If you hate the look of pre-made organizers that fit over the toilet, chic up your bathroom with shelves that can store a variety of items. With our new colors, you can even alternate between finishes for a striking effect that coordinates with tile or other bathroom features.

Sinks in a recessed spot with walls on either side can also benefit from the shallow shelf treatment. The ability to clear off all the usual sink-side clutter makes your daily cleaning chores much easier, and your space tidier in appearance.

If your vanity placement left quite a bit of space open next to it, stop puzzling about what the builder intended for you to put there. (It's a mystery!) Use every bit of that blank wall for open shelving! The wonderful thing about open shelves is that they keep your bathroom from seeming small. The fact that you can still see the walls behind the shelves makes a huge difference in how spacious a small room can feel.


Keeping the look together

Bathrooms and baskets are a great match. Sets of storage containers are available everywhere, and they do a fantastic job of tucking away items that defy organizing: blowdryers, makeup bags, bars of soap, and even toilet paper. Pop these items in their designated basket, and everything looks presentable with very little effort.

If you're looking for baskets to fit different shelf sizes, a can of spray paint can be your best friend! It's easy to end up with mismatched baskets that seem too useful to give away - likewise, they're easy to pick up at yard sales for a song. Brush them down, and give them all a new coat of paint in the same or two coordinating colors. They look impressively organized, and you have the ability to pick colors that you really love.

The best thing about doing a bathroom makeover is how easily your space can be transformed. Take a moment to consider the whole room, peek behind doors, jot down some measurements, and be prepared to make some big changes with great looking storage!

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