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Creating Backyard Living Spaces

Whether you live in an area blessed with pleasant weather year-round, or you’re somewhere where your climate is known for very distinctive seasons, many people have opted to take advantage of enjoyable weather by extending their living spaces to their backyards. Limited mainly by the budget you’re working with and the size of your backyard space you can customize outdoor living to suit your personal style. Depending on your lifestyle you can build a gourmet built-in kitchen, design a calming patio sanctuary, or construct a play area to make the neighbor kids envious!

Built-in Kitchens

A built-in kitchen is a great idea If you love to cook and enjoying spending your nights and weekends hosting friends and family. Instead of being stuck in the house preparing or gathering food while your guests socialize outside, an outdoor kitchen puts you right in the middle of everything, allowing you to interact with family and friends when you have parties or backyard barbecues.

There are so many different options available to add to your space depending on your culinary and entertaining needs. Keep it simple with a built-in grill, a prep counter, and a sink.

If you want to go all out you can add extra features like a wine chiller, ice maker, or even a pizza oven. Might as well go big, or go home, right?

Create extra storage in your outdoor kitchen by using railing brackets to build custom shelves or install stainless steel floating shelves for a modern look that is easy to wipe clean.

Don’t forget to take into consideration utilities may need to be extended (gas, water, electric) and extra outdoor lighting may be necessary. These will add to the initial costs but when the project comes together, it will be worth all the money spent to have a great outdoor space to entertain!


Okay, so maybe you’re not the type to pull out all the stops and host big get-togethers. Maybe you’re more the type to stay home and relax with a couple of close friends over for drinks or appetizers. If that’s the case, design a cozy patio space to provide a leisurely, relaxing oasis in your backyard. A custom patio gives you space right out your back door when you need a quiet moment to unwind.

First and foremost think about the features you want and the space you have to work with.

  • Maybe you like the idea of a small patio with only a bistro table and a couple of chairs?
  • Or do you want a space with cushy, relaxing patio furniture?
  • How about a fire pit for cooler nights?
  • Or a water feature to drown out traffic noise?

If you have a deck railing, you could even attach some deck railing bar table brackets and create a designated space for beverages, food, or even a small outdoor speaker for music.

Think about greenery too to add both shade and some much-needed privacy from neighbors. You can add a stainless steel art sculpture and use it as a trellis for climbing plants. Or build a moveable “wall” of large, potted ornamental grasses or climbing flowers. Rolling plant caddies can be purchased to easily move your containers around for better shade or if you need a little extra space for company.

Signs can add whimsical sayings to your patio, or simply greet visitors to your space like this welcome sign. Hang them on your fence or mount them directly on a wall to express your personality.

Play Areas

Let’s not forget about families with younger kids! Building a play area in your backyard keeps them entertained close by while making your house the hotspot for neighboring kids. Plus it helps to burn off extra energy - a win-win situation for sure!

Play areas have limitless potential, which is partly what makes them so unique and fun. Opt for a standard play area with swings, a slide, a sandbox and maybe even a fort. Or you can go over the top and add rock walls to climb, monkey bars to swing from, or a miniature pirate ship to play on.

When creating a play area for your children keep in mind their ages and physical abilities. This allows you to build a space that matches their stage in life while challenging them at the same time. You want them to enjoy it now, but be able to grow into it too, so space isn’t obsolete by the time next summer rolls around.


Creating custom backyard spaces lets you extend your living space from inside your home outward, giving you an area to entertain, relax, or let your kids burn off energy. Regardless of your hobbies or family activities, you can create something perfect for your family, taking full advantage of being outside when the weather is nice.

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