Gifts for Mom's Garden

Gifts for the Gardening Mom

Moms are the backbone of many families, giving themselves selflessly to take care of kids, tend to a household, and work jobs. They often put their own needs on the back burner, and don’t always receive the recognition from their loved ones that is greatly needed. It’s important to make sure the Mom in your life knows how much she is loved and appreciated. Sometimes this can be done simply by buying her a small, meaningful gift tying into a hobby she has or a pastime she enjoys. 

For the mom who loves to spend time in the garden, there are many really unique and creative gifts that you could purchase for her to express your love.

  • Hand tools are a much-needed piece of gardening equipment for any enthusiast. Buy Mom a sturdy, well-crafted set that will feel good in her hands while holding up to frequent use. 
  • Rolling plant caddies can help make container gardening a little bit easier for Mom, regardless of the type of planting she does. These heavy duty plant dollies are made to withstand the harsh sun and rain and make moving both indoor or outdoor plants a breeze. 
  • Hummingbird feeders come in a wide range of designs and sizes, making them a great fit for any garden. You can purchase more simplistic plastic designs or find ornately beautiful glass pieces. Hummingbird feeders not only add an aesthetic component to the garden, but they help to attract hummingbirds to help pollinate flowers when they are in bloom. 
  • Planting journals are a unique idea that most people aren’t aware of or wouldn’t think to spend the money on themselves. Gardening is a mix of science and luck, and for some Moms they love writing down what has worked in the past and what was a bust. A gardening journal gives them a designated space to write down their thoughts and experiences to reference in growing seasons down the road. 
  • Stepping stones can create a beautiful pathway through the garden, or just add a touch of pizzazz to the space. Available with beautiful jeweled designs, or whimsical sayings stepping stones are a great addition. If you’re really ambitious you can even try your hand at making your own personalized stepping stone for Mom. 
  • Metal artwork is a really fun addition to a garden space. You can purchase freestanding pieces of whimsical animals, stunning flowers, or buy something like a stainless steel sign that tells everyone it’s “mom’s garden”. Metal pieces will compliment any garden designs with their neutral finishes and classic look. Stainless steel is particularly good in wet environments as it will stay looking shiny and bright providing years of memories. 
  • Garden memberships are a gift that allows Mom to enjoy gardens outside of her own yard. She can take a relaxing stroll, enjoy the beauty of meticulously crafted grounds, while not having to do the work herself! Many larger cities have botanical gardens that offer annual memberships to their residents. 
  • Harvest baskets can help haul produce from the garden into the house or apartment, and then pull double duty by holding planting supplies in the spring when Mom is putting in the garden. Baskets can be made from wicker, allowing the dirt to settle out of the bottom spaces or plastic so they are easily washable when they get dirty or muddy. 
  • Wind chimes add a visual and musical touch to a garden, with their elegant look and relaxing sound they add a relaxing, inviting atmosphere to the garden. 
  • Flower presses let the avid gardener pick their favorite flowers and dry them down to preserve their stunning color for years to come. Pressed flowers can be added to a gardening journal for accent, used in a variety of arts and craft projects, or simply framed so that everyone can enjoy their beauty. 

Moms are a critical component of many households, working tirelessly to keep families running smoothly and their efforts are sometimes unrecognized. Buying your favorite gardening mom one of the gifts mentioned above will bring a smile to her face and show your love and appreciation.

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