How to Add Stainless Steel Shelves in an Apartment for Increased Storage Capacity

June 19, 2018

How to Add Stainless Steel Shelves in an Apartment for Increased Storage Capacity

When you live in a place where floor space is very limited – like a small city apartment – storage space is a premium. You can try to live a minimalist lifestyle, but that’s not a good choice for everyone.

If you have a lot of belongings that you need to find storage for, there are alternatives to buying space-consuming cabinets. You can make use of your walls for storage solutions with the help of strategically placed stainless steel shelves.


Placing Steel Shelves in Your Apartment

Here are a couple of design ideas on where you should install stainless steel shelf brackets, so that you can have more than enough storage space for all of your belongings.

Above the Door Frame - Most people do not even notice that there is quite a lot of space in between the top of the door frame and the ceiling. Install shelf brackets on opposite sides of the frame and place a board on top to gain a couple of square feet of instant storage space.

You can place a couple of picture frames (and those fancy scented candles) as well as other decorative items that you like on these shelves. You can also implement this idea above the bathroom door, so you have storage space for towels and other bathroom essentials.

Above the Couch - Some people hang huge pictures over their sofas, however, if you do not have any large paintings to hang, you can use the bare space above your couch for displaying family pictures on floating shelves (just make sure to install the shelves high enough, so you don’t hit your head when you sit down). Shelves above the sofa are also a great place for collectibles and other decorative knick-knacks.

Along the Hallways and Corridors - If you have a small corridor in your apartment, you can use it for additional storage. Install some shelves near the ceiling and above the entrance door. Use this extra space for stashing your miscellaneous winter stuff like mitts, gloves and hats. Place them inside some decorative wicker baskets to make them easy to organize.

Above the Radiator - Yes, radiators are great for keeping you warm during the harsh winter months, but you can’t place furniture in front of them, so they can be quite a pain when you live in a small space. However, you can somehow reclaim the precious floor space taken up by the radiator by putting a couple levels of shelves above it.

Above the Television - Place shelves above and around your television for added storage and aesthetic appeal to your living room. Hang your television right smack in the middle of the wall (at a comfortable height of course), and then install shelves around it. You will be effectively framing the shelves around the television.

Aside from being great storage areas for your decorative knick-knacks, stainless steel floating shelves can also be used to store other electronic media devices like your video game consoles, DVD and Blu-ray players, surround speakers, and other electronic paraphernalia.

Above the Bed - Another space in the house that is usually ignored is the wall space above the headboard of the bed. Rather than just leaving it bare, you can install two or three levels of floating stainless steel shelves above it. Use the upper shelves for plastic storage bins (you can place old baby clothes, kids’ toys, and other things that you want to hold onto for the future), and the rest for decorations and books.

Place the books you are currently reading on the shelves above your bed so you can have easy access to them in case you’re looking for something to read before going to sleep.

Above your Desk - Just because you have limited floor space in your apartment doesn’t mean you can’t have your own office space. Turn any corner of your living space into a complete office just by placing a respectably-sized desk against the wall, then installing a couple of floating shelves above it for your supplies. The great thing about shelves installed like this is that they free up desktop space.

For instance, you can install a wide shelf on the bottom (held in place by heavy duty stainless steel shelf brackets) so you have a place for your printer or document scanner, your computer’s modem and router, and other pertinent peripherals that you need for work. This leaves you space on your desk for your computer or laptop.



Those are just some of the ways for you to take advantage of stainless steel shelf brackets to add more storage spaces in an otherwise cramped living space. Try them out now so you can feel comfortable living in a small, yet comfortable place.

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