Leather and stainless steel accents in kitchen

Kitchen Trends That Will Be Huge in 2019

If you’re getting the urge to change things up in your home this year, don’t leave out your kitchen! The real center of the home deserves to have a look that complements the rest of your interior style, and that gets in on some of the latest trends.

Kitchen decor requires a slightly different approach - you can’t rearrange your cabinets and appliances, but they can be approached with an eye towards a more general aesthetic. Let’s take a look at some of the trends, and how you can use them for inspiration.

Integrated Appliances

Some of the newest kitchen layouts you’ll see in trade shows might catch you off guard - and wondering where the range hood is, for example. Advances in appliances have made some of them more sleek and unobtrusive than ever. Range hoods, for example, have become more efficient and slimmer, allowing them to be tucked up under cabinets, rather than hovering over the stove. Induction cook-tops add a sleekness to the counter top level that barely registers when it’s not in use.

Although these might seem to be developments that suit a more minimalist kitchen space, they can actually allow for more of a “look”. When there’s no competition, your style choices can really shine forth. If you’ve embraced the farmhouse aesthetic, for example, what better way to show off your rustic wood trim than an uninterrupted flow of cabinets?

Don’t forget to take advantage of the clean slate this look provides, by adding some stainless steel floating display shelves at key focal points. Let some of your vintage glassware soak up some of the spotlight, or a colorful potted plant.

Matte Black Finishes

All those shiny counter-tops and cabinet finishes that were popular have begun to swing back towards a more matte look. If you’re looking at some easy updates, think about repainting cabinets with a new finish, or working from that glossy look to create a contrast.

Matte black, in particular, will be getting more and more popular. Look for it on tile back-splashes, counter-tops, and in your everyday dishes. Pulling the look together is easy - look for drawer knobs and pulls in sooty black, and consider adding an accent paint trim in a flat matte onyx. The contrast looks great with your existing white glossy finishes, and is easy to keep clean - something that has always been a downside with all that shininess.

Keep up with the matte madness by incorporating other elements with the same feel, such as cool stainless steel or butcher’s block wood. In addition to adding an updated look, they also come with easy care - a trend we definitely support!

Leather Accents in the Kitchen

It’s unexpected, and it’s very new - leather is making itself at home in the kitchen. Believe it or not, you’re going to start seeing it in everything from drawer pulls to chair backs - even wrapped around islands.

Leather is part of a rustic look with more than a bit of upscale appeal. The upscale look of harness leather can be used to create plant hangers or labels, create striking loops for hanging dishtowels or utensils, and to wrap up chair legs. It’s no harder to care for than a piece of leather furniture - and the uniqueness of the look will be quite fresh.

Look for leather on kitchen counter stools and chairs - stamped, woven, or lightly tanned, it will wear beautifully and provide many years of service. For a bit of do-it-yourself fun, consider using leather to provide faux supports for shelves - just attach to the wall and around the shelf to give the look without actually carrying the weight.

Stainless steel floating shelf with leather strap for kitchen


Wallpaper is coming back in a big way. If you’re in the mood to liven up your kitchen space with some bold patterns, then head to the wallpaper department and start flipping through those sample books!

You might see wallpaper anywhere - inside cabinet doors, on door panels, even on stair risers. It can be a small accent or a big swath of color and interest - and kitchen spaces are quite perfect for all the possibilities.

The popularity of open shelves makes wallpaper’s return perfect. Don’t be afraid to cover the wall behind those stainless steel floating shelves with wall coverings - it’s a look that is going to become even more popular. The right wallpaper will totally change the look of a room, add depth and contrast to shelf displays, and let you indulge your love of patterns. Just like picking out an item of clothing, there is a color combination and design that will work for everyone.

2019 kitchen trends are an easy way to start with a fresh look. Mix or match them, blend them into your existing look, or try a whole new one - there’s a way to try them out in any home. From discreet to flamboyant, textured to glossy - have fun with finding your design inspiration!

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