Mother’s Day Gift Ideas for the Gardening Mom

Mother’s Day Gift Ideas for the Gardening Mom

For moms who love gardening and the outdoors, Mother’s Day is perfectly placed. The beginning of May is the perfect time to celebrate the most important woman in your life with a gardening-related Mother's Day gift. We’re here to help you with some great ideas! 

Garden Style Mother's Day Gift Ideas

Raised bed gardening and container gardening open up many options for senior moms who might not have the ability to garden in the traditional sense. To make gardening areas more accessible to mom, indulge her green thumb with a high-quality, heavy duty plant caddies to roll plants from one spot to another. A sturdy plant caddy will make it easy for her to move pots around without lifting, allowing for quick rearrangement of her garden space to change the aesthetic or to move plants to get better sunlight. 

Dedicated gardeners know that you can never have enough gloves and hats. Treat yours to some new gardening wardrobe pieces that she might not buy for herself - but would love to own. If she’s been working without a good pair of thorn-resistant gloves in her roses or berry patch, the right pair will make her pruning and clipping much easier, and will last for years. Include some cotton work gloves for quick changes when the work gets wet and messy. Just remember - good gloves come in sizes, so make sure you are selecting the correct one - you don’t want any delays in her gardening routine!

Sun protection can also be tricky in warmer weather. It’s important to keep things covered, but hats can be uncomfortable and hot, if they’re not designed well. Spring is a great time to check out all the nicely ventilated hat styles that offer both UV protection and coverage. Look for a wide brim that will shade the face, neck, and ears, and UPF sun protection that’s rated over 50.


Green Mother's Day Gift Ideas 

Flowers in a vase are terrific, but the mom you’re celebrating may prefer to see hers already in the garden. Setting her up with a wheelbarrow full of plants could be the perfect way to make her smile. There are so many different ways to create a theme  - here are a few ideas: 

  • Culinary Herbs - A quick start to a kitchen garden is to look for herbs that can be quickly gathered and harvested for cooking. You can select from basil varieties like Sweet, Genovese, and Lemon, add some Cilantro and Oregano, and choose a Rosemary that will thrive in your area of the country. 
  • Scented Delights - Some plants add interest to the garden with only their fragrant leaves. By adding them to areas where they can be touched or brushed against, they contribute a whole new way to enjoy a garden. Look for plants such as scented geraniums - they come in fragrances that range from rose-like to fruit to cologne. Other ideas to add exotic touches to her garden space are Lemongrass, Sage, or Holy Basil. 
  • Always Yours - Head to the Perennials section of the garden center for plants that will continue to provide beauty for years to come. Roses are always a classic, but also think about other flowering plants like Peonies, Lilacs, or one of the beautiful Mallow plants with their colorful Hibiscus-like blooms.

Outdoor-loving Moms are sure to love something that shows that you appreciate their interests. Use any of our tips for great gifts that will work for Mother’s Day, birthdays, or any other occasions!

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