Step By Step Instructions for Planting Bulbs

Step By Step Instructions for Planting Bulbs

Unfamiliar with planting bulbs? Follow these step by step instructions to have spring blooming success. 

  1. Start by filling containers with a high-quality potting mix. Avoid using garden soil because of its density. Potting mix is specially formulated to be light and airy while retaining moisture, and providing a good structure for root growth.

  2. Plant bulbs at the same depth in the potting soil as they go in the ground. This is about  6-7” down for larger bulbs such as tulips and daffodils; 4-5” deep for smaller bulbs such as crocus or grape hyacinth.

  3. Water the potting mix well, making sure to thoroughly wet the entire container.

  4. Spread 2-3” of mulch across the top of the soil surface to help retain moisture and insulate the bulbs.

  5. Move containers to a spot where they are exposed to freezing or really cold temperatures: a patio or deck, or an unheated garage works well. 

  6. As temperatures begin to climb in the spring, move containers outside if they were overwintered in the garage.

TIP: To make heavy containers easier to move to the desired location (i.e. in and out of a garden or shed in the coldest part of winter) put them on rolling plant caddies.


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