Top 8 Items for Father's Day 2023

Top 8 Items for Father's Day 2023

Father's Day is quickly approaching, and what better way to show your appreciation than by giving a gift that's built to last? Our fathers give us invaluable lessons and endless love; this Father's Day, let's reciprocate that by offering them something enduring. At Cascade Manufacturing, we've created a unique Father's Day gift guide packed with our top-quality products. All of these items are proudly made in the Pacific Northwest (PNW), just like us.

These gift ideas come straight from the heart of our dedicated team. They've shared what they're gifting their dads this Father's Day - some are even treating themselves! To add to the celebration, we're offering a site-wide sale of 10% off*. Simply use the code 'fathersday23' at checkout.

*Please note, the discount does not apply to any stairs order.

The Father's Day Gift Guide from Cascade Manufacturing

Here are our team members' picks for this Father's Day:

1. E-Bike Accessories:

Many of our team members have picked out various e-bike accessories as gifts for themselves or their dads. Our range includes products for Rad Power Bikes, Lectric Bikes, and Himiway Bikes. Featured in the product photo is our Rad Power Bikes Bottle Adapter Bracket that allows water bottles to be easily mounted onto your bike.

2. Jalapeno Popper Grill Rack:

Perfect for the dad who loves BBQ parties! This versatile rack can be used for grilling jalapeno poppers and baking pizzas. Bonus points - it's oven safe and dishwasher safe!

3. Heavy-Duty Plant Caddy:

Some of our caddies are going home with an employee for an unconventional reason - home brewing. These heavy-duty caddies can hold up to 375lbs of weight and are perfect for handling and moving heavy brewing equipment. It's a versatile tool that we can't wait to see put to creative use!

4. Floating Stainless Steel Shelves:

Our Estimator, John, has selected these custom-sized shelves for his golf enthusiast father's trophy collection.

5. Aluminum Plant Caddy:

Tabitha, our Head of Marketing, is gifting these caddies to her dad, who will appreciate them in his greenhouse. They're perfect for someone with mobility issues as they make moving plants around a breeze.

6. Metal Wall Art:

Art is always a thoughtful gift, and our metal wall art is a popular choice amongst our team for their fathers and husbands.

7. Apex Stainless Steel Brackets:

Rovilla, our Head of Customer Service, is buying these sturdy brackets for her husband to help him organize his garage just the way he wants.

8. Dutch Oven Trivet Rack:

Our accountant, Valentyna, has chosen this rack for her husband who loves camping. The rack will expand their cooking options with their dutch oven.


As you prepare for Father's Day, we hope you find inspiration in our gift guide. Let's make this day extra special for the dads in our lives. From our team to you, here's wishing you a Happy Father's Day!

  • The Cascade Manufacturing Team

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