Unique Valentine's Day Gift Ideas

Unique Valentine's Day Gift Ideas

Valentine’s Day is all about showing your love, and there’s always extra points for creativity. This year, how about thinking outside the heart-shaped candy box, and giving your favorite person a gift that is more personalized?

This can be a really tough holiday to select gifts for. Don’t be the person standing in the aisle with all the red and pink decor, looking stressed out. Just read on for great Valentine's Day gift ideas that will be remembered long after the chocolates are gone.

Make a Grand Gesture

Anyone can pick out a card - but if you want to proclaim your love loud, proud, and on the wall, Cascade has some gorgeous ways to do it! Tell your loved one that you’re theirs forever with one of our wall art pieces. Check out our infinity love sign designs that feature the words “Love” or “You and Me”.

These pieces are a great way to set up a surprise - go ahead and hang it up! They’re perfect for any room in your home, as well as outside. If you’re really worried that your sweetheart won’t notice their gift, either design will look sweet with a balloon bouquet tied to it.

Nature Lover on Your Valentine's Day Gift List?

One of the great things about Valentine’s Day is that its February date falls right in the blooming bulb season. Here are a few ideas for a gift that will make your favorite green thumb happy. Skip the roses, and visit your florist for a variety of potted plants. Hyacinths, narcissus, tulips and freesias are all easy to find, and will fill their home with the scent of spring - who doesn’t need that in February?

Keep the feeling going by tucking in a candle that matches the fragrance of the blooms, and including an African Violet or two for blooms that will last all year long. Complete your botanically-themed gift with a stainless steel picture ledge for their plants - it can withstand any watering goofs beautifully, while keeping pots secure. They’re easy to install, and look great in any type of decor.

Play Up to their Favorite Sports Interest

Remind your favorite guy that there are warmer days ahead, and he’ll never forget your Valentine Day gift! First, find the goofiest box of chocolates you can. Second, slip tickets to a ball game, a gift card to his favorite sporting goods store, or a gift certificate for a boat rental inside. Try to look as innocent as possible when he opens it.

If your guy just doesn’t like chocolate, surprise him with one of our amazing wall art pieces. You can celebrate his love of baseball, fishing, or sailing with a ruggedly handsome design that will look awesome in his study, cabin, or office. Who said men were hard to shop for?

Warm the Heart of Your Favorite Animal Lover

For a Valentine’s Gift that will never be forgotten, surprise your sweetest with a custom cat climbing shelf arrangement. If you really want to win the heart of their cat, give them their own cat grass bouquet, their own cat climbing wall shelf for peering out of a window, and a catnip toy. Chances are, their owner will love you even more for your thoughtfulness.

Don’t worry, there are great ideas for the dog lover in your life, too. Print out a photo of their canine buddy, frame it up, and place it on a new doggies shelf that uses our fido paw print brackets. That same shelf also makes a great place to prop up their card, hold their vase of flowers, and show off that basket of dog treats that you ordered from the dog bakery.

For maximum Valentine’s Day wow, consider ordering one of our custom Wall Art pieces - we can laser cut any dog or cat portrait into a completely personalized design.

Remind your Favorite Grill Boss that They’re Hot Stuff

If your favorite BBQ champ is your Valentine, set them up with a gift basket that will remind them that sunny grilling days are ahead. Have them ready for the first outdoor cooking event of the season with a new set of grilling tongs, a selection of marinades and spices, and a couple of new hot mitts.

Wrap it all up with one of our Proper J. Popper jalapeno grilling racks.These are an amazing design that will kickstart a lot of conversations around the grill. They’ll handle jalapeño poppers, drumsticks, and pizzas, and much more - just let your expert have fun with all the options.

Valentine’s Day is much more memorable when you include something beautiful and long-lasting with your gifts. Not everyone loves roses and chocolate, but everyone loves a personalized gift that will remind them of how much you care, even after the candy box is empty! Browse our selections for even more ideas.

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