How to Add Industrial Accents to Your Kitchen

September 27, 2019

How to Add Industrial Accents to Your Kitchen

Call it industrial, call it Steam Punk, call it what you will - the trend for industrial accents in your kitchen space is appealing on a lot of levels. Here are some of the obvious - and not so obvious - uses for metal in your kitchen.


It’s Not Afraid of Grittiness

If you are embracing industrial style, one adjective comes up often, and it’s “Raw”. In your kitchen, however, you can’t have complete “rawness” - you still must keep everything organized, accessible, and safely stored - often without a lot of cabinet space. Metal pieces are absolutely on-point in this area.

Rugged shelf brackets combine perfectly with all types of shelving material. Reclaimed wood? Sure! Vintage enamel? Absolutely! Floating shelves will help add valuable storage for your kitchen space, and keep any display-worthy pieces out in the open.

Industrial style is also characterized by the innovative use of salvaged pieces for light fixtures. If you’ve been saving images of fixtures made from everything from aluminum factory light covers to old birdcages, you might be sweating the details on matching or mixing the various types of metal finishes.

Actually - don’t. Part of the charm of this style is the eclectic mix of textures and finishes. Just embrace it and choose what appeals to you. Our stainless steel and powder-coated finishes will complement without adding too much to the existing feel of your space.


It’s Completely Complementary

Metal finishes might seem out of place in other styles, but they’re true chameleons in the kitchen.

First, there’s the versatility. Initially, adding some metal touches to your existing decorating look may seem totally out of place. Spend a little time looking for inspiration, though, and you’ll notice that materials like stainless steel are just as likely to get along with rustic country looks as they are with urban loft conversions.


It Copes with Country

Let’s face it - a lot of the textured materials that go along with a rustic look just don’t work well in kitchen spaces. Barn wood is beautiful, but it doesn’t wipe down easily. Wouldn’t it be nice to have some sort of shelving material that would blend in nicely with your stainless steel appliances, and that would wipe clean in a flash?  There’s a reason that so many barn style antique finds are made of metal: it lasts forever, and it was easy to maintain, even through all kinds of weather conditions.

You can steal some of that farm wisdom for your home. Stainless steel shelves give just enough sleek contrast to country style, and can toughen up the softness of a kitchen for a look that is modern without fussiness. You can also incorporate some of our picture ledges in white powdered-coated steel for displaying items. They’re just as tough and cleanable as the regular stainless finish, but blend almost invisibly into popular subway tile and shipboard walls.


It Appreciates the Past

Fans of vintage style also can get in on the industrial updates. Much of the retro aesthetic either relied on some very sleek accents, or could benefit from a bit of modernizing, to make it flow with the rest of your kitchen and home.

Metal shelves will match your vintage mixer and chrome toaster just as well as it will blend with your back and white checks and retro red vinyl dining set. Even if you change your color scheme, your shelves will always keep up with the new look.

Even if your color palette swings back to the earlier decades, industrial accents are fantastic. The chalky tones of the ‘40s look great with metal finishes. The ‘30s used a lot of chrome, black and white for cabinets, floors and small appliances. All of these can be reflected in your choice of shelving and brackets.


And It Loves the Latest Trends

Even the kitchen in your newly built home can benefit from a punch of industrial chic. It’s unusual to have enough cabinet space, even in a new kitchen. The sky - or the ceiling - is the limit when you begin adding floating stainless steel shelves. They combine perfectly with all shades of granite countertops and cabinet finishes. 

Need a niche for setting off a prized piece? You can ensure that it will stay safe and never clash with a couple of our metal floating shelves. Combine your piece with a custom-sized floating shelf, and you’ll have a strong, customized display of some of your favorite things.


In Conclusion 

Industrial accents aren’t exclusively part of any one type of decor. They can blend seamlessly with, add to, or complement any type of kitchen. Stainless steel should be considered a neutral - it combines well with nearly any surface, and is one of the best materials to have in a kitchen.

When you’re ready to add shelving or other storage to your kitchen space, don’t limit yourself to searching by terms like “Rustic” or “Vintage” or even “Contemporary”. Try checking out the sturdy versatility of industrial style items, and you may find that they are just what you need to complete a project.

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