make the most of a spare room

How to Make the Most of a Spare Room

Did you know that you can make good use out of that spare room at your house that you always seem to ignore? The room that always has a bunch of stuff spread all over and has become everybody’s least favorite room in the house.

The spare room at your home doesn’t need to be an eyesore. As a matter of fact, it deserves much better – all you need is a bit of planning, and you can turn that room into your own little haven at home.

Of course, a lot of work will have to be done before the room becomes what you envision, but once you’ve finished you’ll no longer be wasting a portion of your home and will have a useful space to live in.


6 Ideas for a Spare Room

Once you give a spare room purpose, it becomes easier to figure out what to do with it and make it as productive as possible. Below are the top 6 things to do with a spare room:

Home Office

If you don’t already have one, it’s always nice to have a home office. You can carry work assignments home and have a quiet place to complete them without getting distracted. A home office can make you very productive, especially for work-at-home moms and dads.

Fitness Room

Instead of paying hefty gym membership fees, redesign your spare room and turn it into your own fitness room. Depending on your fitness routine, you may need to invest in equipment. If you do yoga, all you need is a mat and enough space for your exercises.

Playroom for Your Kids

Kids also need their own segregated place where they can play without adults snooping around. A recreational room will definitely spur your kid’s creativity. Stuff it with toys, kids’ board games, storybooks, video games, crayons, painting colors and anything else that will make their time in the playroom an entertaining one.

Music Room

Do you love music? Do you desire uninterrupted time while playing instruments or producing music? Turn that spare room into your own music room or home studio. Give it an interior décor that will bring out your musical genius every time you get into that room.

Don’t limit yourself to just music – you can also turn the spare room into a creative room depending on the sort of art you’re into. Consider converting it to an art studio or even a home workshop.

Indoor Sports Room

Nothing gets you more rejuvenated after a hard day at work than engaging in sports. A spare room can be converted to an indoor sports room. Bring in a pool table, chess board, darts, table tennis, badminton or any other sport that can be played indoors and doesn’t require a lot of space.

Guest Bedroom

One of the best uses of a spare room is as a guest bedroom (maybe even an AirBnB?). We’ve collected some tips for turning your spare room into a great guest bedroom if you decide to go that route.


Guest Bedroom Decorating Ideas

Redesign the Room

The first step is to move out everything that doesn’t fit your currents plans. That old bed, old clothes & shoes, cabinet etc. will have to go. It doesn’t matter if you have some emotional attachment to those things, they need to be moved somewhere else. If you have a bed that’s taking up a lot of space, try a smaller one which can be used in other ways.

Don’t Be Shy - Pimp It Out

This is your chance to be creative, so get everyone in the house on board. A DIY solution will save you the costs of hiring an interior decoration specialist and give you the chance to decorate the room just how you want.

It’s a great family bonding session every time you hand everyone their tools and you all get to work. Since you’re probably novices, a little trial and error are expected, but in the end, you’ll get the job done. However, if you don’t have the time, hiring a professional to do it for you is always a great idea.

Maximize Every Inch of Space

Make the most of your space by moving out the things that are occupying the most space, or arrange them in a way that they’re no longer using as much space. Instead of having a wardrobe that eats up a lot of space, remove it and substitute it with hanging hooks which can be used to hang clothes. This creates a lot of space, as opposed to a wardrobe. If dressers or cabinets are what you need to store clothing or blankets, consider mounting wall shelves and organizing your items into baskets which will be placed on the shelving.

Put Your Spare Room to Use

As you remodel your spare room, be sure to make use of our Apex shelf brackets which come in a variety of sizes and are built to help free up space on your spare room. Use them to create wall shelves for sewing and art supplies to display your collections. Our shelf brackets give you more storage options while occupying the least space. They provide the best and most affordable solution if you want to free up the center of the room and make use of the walls for storage.

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