Stainless Steel is a Fresh Look for Interior Design and Decor

August 21, 2020

Stainless Steel is a Fresh Look for Interior Design and Decor

Stainless steel looks are more popular than ever for interior design and decorating. Why is it seen in so many different spaces? Why are so many designers and architects specifying stainless steel for their jobs?  Let’s talk about some reasons why it’s so versatile, and why you might want to use more of it at your home or business.

New Colors

Browsing through magazines or Pinterest, you’ll see stainless steel used in every room. However, unless it’s been labeled as such, you may be missing some of its uses. 

Although many love the neutral tones of regular stainless, it’s also now available in other colors! This is a game-changer that may start you on rethinking your next remodeling project. As design trends bring in new ideas for kitchens and baths, you’ve probably been seeing finishes like copper and black popping up. 

These are a fantastic complement to today’s light, bright kitchen and bath looks. They make rooms stand out, even used in smaller functional accents such as storage shelving and drawer pulls. Additionally, they still have all the easy-care features of classic stainless steel.

When thinking about adding extra storage to any room, open shelving is a popular way to keep spaces feeling open and airy, without committing to the expense of cabinets. Unfortunately, many of the shelving choices out there are quite bland. Colored stainless steel is a new solution to otherwise vanilla shelves. 

By using floating shelves in black or copper, decorators can add just a touch of warmth to a white kitchen, while pulling any other accents together. The look is polished and unique. Another approach is using brackets in colored stainless steel. Shelves can remain a neutral color, but the subtle touch of a special support will provide a more interesting result. 

Carefree Living 

Before stainless steel crossed over into homes, it was a staple for commercial use. Used for medical facilities, food handling facilities, and restaurants, it proved itself as the tough, clean, and easy to care for. 

It’s hard to believe that the first uses of stainless steel appliances in home kitchens were a little shocking! However, the way that it continued to look great through years of use and frequent wipe downs has made it a staple. 

Now, stainless steel is used for open shelving, indoor/outdoor furniture, and even art accents. Although its built-in water resistance and smooth surfaces are perfect for spots like kitchens and bathrooms, it’s also a sleek, attractive solution for any room. 

For homes that enjoy a lot of outdoor time via porches, sun-rooms, decks, or outdoor living areas, stainless steel is a way to bridge the gap between house and garden. Following the trend of washable rugs and all-season furniture coverings, products like shelves, wall decor, balcony railing tables, and even plant caddies are now available to use in any kind of weather. 

If you’d rather spend more time enjoying the outdoors, and less time treating wood, scraping off surfaces, and worrying about stains, think about converting your decor and other functional pieces to stainless steel. Unlike granite or other hard surfaces, you won’t have to worry about cracking, weather damage, or special treatment. When you’re cleaning up or preparing for guests, stainless steel is fast and simple to wipe down. If you’ve ever wished you could just hose everything down to get ready for summer, stainless steel is the way to go! 

Easy Customizing

Designers and architects know that stainless steel is a material that is easy to customize. For example, our manufacturing division can handle all sorts of specifications for projects. Our team can cut pieces of up to 30’ long, punch and emboss details, perform laser cutting for intricate designs, and more. 

Unlike some other materials, stainless steel can be bent and formed with smooth edges and special details. It’s easy to add a lip to a picture ledge that will keep items from sliding forward, produce brackets that are formed from one solid piece of metal, and produce rounded shapes.

If you’re working with non-standard dimensions for any project, stainless steel is very customizable. Don’t feel that you’re limited to only wood for shelving! Here at Cascade, we carry different shelf depths, styles, and can supply shelves in specific lengths. Consider outfitting a pantry with stainless steel shelves throughout, creating a special storage area for home hobby items, or designing the perfect display for your growing succulent collection. 

Once you’ve started to see how fantastic stainless steel is for home interiors and decor, you’ll definitely spot it everywhere. It’s both classic and cutting edge, infinitely customizable, and absolutely a no-brainer when it comes to care and upkeep. Why not try it out now with some new shelves or fun home art accents? We’re willing to bet that your collection of stainless steel items will keep growing! 

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